RAND New Leaders Evaluation

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The RAND New Leaders Evaluation examines implementation of the New Leaders principal preparation program since its inception in 2000, as well as the outcomes of individuals trained by New Leaders and placed as principals by the 2011-2012 school year.

What Is New Leaders?

New Leaders is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure high academic achievement for all students by developing outstanding school leaders to serve in urban schools. To improve student outcomes, the New Leaders approach involves rigorous recruitment and preparation of principals, ongoing support and community networks, and the commitment of partners to promote effective school and district conditions—including increased decisionmaking autonomy.

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Our Approach

In studying the New Leaders principal preparation program, RAND researchers sought to determine

  • how the New Leaders principal preparation program was implemented in partner districts
  • how New Leaders principals affect student achievement
  • what factors might explain the relationship between New Leaders principals and outcomes.

In order to address these areas, researchers

  • analyzed student achievement data
  • conducted principal surveys
  • analyzed survey data linked to student achievement data
  • analyzed principal tenure data
  • conducted case studies of first-year principals
  • analyzed qualitative data obtained through interviews and focus groups.