AEP Team

Panel surveys are made possible through the hard work of a large AEP team with expertise in survey and data management, statistics, programming, and administrative coordination.

  • David Grant – Director, American Life Panel; Codirector, American Educator Panels
  • Julia Kaufman – Codirector, RAND American Educator Panels
  • Heather Schwartz – Director, RAND American School District Panel
  • Lisa Wagner – Manager, RAND American Life Panel and American Educator Panels
  • Samantha DiNicola – Manager, American School District Panel
  • Tina Petrossian – Administrative Support and Project Coordinator
  • Daniel Ibarrola – Survey Manager
  • Casey Hunter – Lead Data Manager
  • Ruolin Lu and Aarya Suryavanshi – Data Managers
  • Claude Messan Setodji – Statistician
  • Joshua Eagan & Dorothy Seaman – Statistical Support
  • Tim Colvin and Roberto Guevara – Survey Programmers
  • Julie Newell – Survey Programmer and Project Coordinator
  • Melissa Diliberti – Research Support