RAND 2014 Midterm Election Opinion Study

Voter buttons on American flag

The RAND Midterm 2014 Election Opinion Study uses the American Life Panel (ALP) to study voting intentions, public opinion, and voter behavior.

The study surveys the same people over time. This allows us to observe true changes in public opinion, rather than changes based on who was surveyed randomly. This approach was extremely effective in forecasting the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

Using the ALP, a scientifically recruited Internet panel, enables RAND to track the evolution of respondents' voting intentions, behavior, and opinions. Furthermore, this research follows previous RAND election polling by asking respondents about their voting intentions in probabilistic terms (percent chance), which improves forecasts.

Blog Posts from the Midterm Election Opinion Study

In the News

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"About the RAND American Life Panel" New York Times The Upshot Blog, October 9, 2014.