EgoWeb—Social Network Data

Social network analyses can be successfully conducted using RAND American Life Panel’s EgoWeb integrated survey platform. Social network analysis is a key methodology in modern sociological research. Research has shown that social networks have a large effect on respondents' behaviors and attitudes, including health behaviors, risk taking, and many others.

ALP EgoWeb enables the use of online surveys to gather ego-centered network data. It allows researchers to collect data not only about the structure of the social network, but also the characteristics of the alters, the relationship between the ego and each alter, and the relationships between alters.

Longitudinal tracking of the changing social network of respondents provides new insights into how people change over time. For longitudinal studies fielded to the ALP, networks are pre-loaded to greatly reduce respondent burden and underreporting of network contacts.

If you would like to run an ALP survey collecting social network data, or to learn more about ALP EgoWeb, please email