ALP Omnibus 2000 Surveys

ALP omnibus surveys are fielded three times per year: mid-month in February, June, and October. Final question submissions are due at the end of January, May, and September. Final weighted omnibus survey data will be delivered at the end of March, July, and November.

Researchers can add up to four questions to an omnibus survey at a cost of $2,000 per question.

Why Use the ALP Omnibus 2000?

  • Rapid results: Most data will be collected in the first week and an interim data set (unweighted) will be provided after week one with around 1,000 responses; all 2,000 responses are expected within a month
  • Cost effective: Get high-quality data quickly at a low cost
  • Proposal-friendly: Collect pilot data for your new proposal idea
  • Weighted data: Your final omnibus survey data will be delivered weighted to national demographic characteristics and will include ALP standard demographic variables
  • Increased impact: Merge your data with results from over 500 previously conducted ALP studies on topics ranging from financial decisionmaking, impacts of COVID-19, and health to political attitudes and national security


  • The ALP Omnibus 2000 survey sample will produce 2,000 completed survey responses from a random sample of probability-recruited ALP members (not a population-specific sample)
  • 1–4 simple questions are permitted per researcher (limited skips, open-ended responses, no fills/links to other surveys or external sources, etc.)
  • Researchers will only have access to data for the questions they field; final datasets will be weighted
  • Omnibus survey data will be embargoed for one year on the public-use ALP data pages to provide researchers with time to publish their results
  • ALP staff are available to assist with question development to help you get the data you need