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  • soldier and caregiver

    Hidden Heroes: America's Military Caregivers

    May 15, 2014

    Military caregivers play an essential role in caring for injured or wounded service members and veterans. Terri Tanielian and Rajeev Ramchand will present the challenges today's military caregivers face, and what Congress and others can do to support them.

  • scientific illustration designed at RAND for Haskins Lecture

    Haskins Lecture — Next: Breakthrough Technologies for National Security

    May 8, 2014

    The 2014 Haskins Lectureship on Science Policy will feature Arati Prabhakar, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, discussing breakthrough technologies for national security.

  • People in Sevastopol, Ukraine watch a broadcast of Russian President Putin's address to the Federal Assembly

    Russia: What Happened? What's Next?

    Apr 9, 2014

    What are the implications of the continuing standoff between Russia and the West over Ukraine? Olga Oliker will discuss the latest unfolding events in the region and how cooperation on other global and regional issues could be affected.

  • An F-111C of the Royal Australian Air Force in 2006

    Do Joint Fighter Programs Save Money?

    Mar 28, 2014

    Mark Lorell will discuss how historically, the need to accommodate different service requirements into a single design or common design family can lead to increased program complexity and cost growth that may cancel out the theoretical costs savings gained from a joint approach.

  • A Google self-driven car in Las Vegas, Nevada

    "Self Driving" Vehicles: Great Benefits, but Barriers to Widespread Adoption

    Mar 24, 2014

    After examining the advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles, RAND researchers determined that the overall societal benefits of this new technology likely outweigh the disadvantages. Senior behavioral scientist James Anderson will present the study results.

  • a driverless car

    Policy Impacts of Self-Driving Vehicles

    Mar 20, 2014

    Full-scale production of self-driving cars is predicted within 5–15 years. California allows these vehicles to operate on state roads, and the DMV is tasked with working on several rules for carmakers and the public. What is the best way forward?

  • Syrian refugees wave flags during a protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad

    Navigating Turmoil in the Middle East

    Mar 18, 2014

    Dalia Dassa Kaye of RAND and Aaron Miller of the Wilson Center will discuss current events in the Middle East and weigh the prospects of success for U.S. diplomats working to navigate the region's many hot spots.

  • IT training for kids who live in the surrounding farm areas of Stutterheim outside East London in the Eastern Cape

    IDSS Speaker Discusses "Rebooting Africa"

    Mar 7, 2014

    The International Development Speaker Series welcomed Harvard's Calestous Juma, who discussed strategies for enabling Africa to harness the power of platform technologies for the technological catch-up and leapfrogging needed to spur economic development and prosperity.

  • IT training for kids who live in the surrounding farm areas of Stutterheim outside East London in the Eastern Cape

    IDSS Speaker Discusses "Rebooting Africa"

    Mar 7, 2014

    The International Development Speaker Series welcomed Harvard's Calestous Juma, who discussed strategies for enabling Africa to harness the power of platform technologies for the technological catch-up and leapfrogging needed to spur economic development and prosperity.

  • Women participate in a nutrition class at the Los Angeles County women's jail

    Correctional Education: How Effective Is It and What Can We Do to Make It Better?

    Feb 18, 2014

    Ex-offenders do not have the knowledge and skills to support a successful return to their communities. Trying to reduce re-incarceration rates is partly why states devote resources to educating and training individuals while in prison. Lois Davis will present results from a comprehensive RAND study on the effectiveness of correctional education.

  • damage from Northridge Earthquake, Calif., January 17, 1994

    Community Resilience

    Jan 23, 2014

    It's important to build community resilience for the sake of long-term recovery, but how do we make resilience happen? Anita Chandra will distill the extensive body of research on resilience-building into simple steps that communities and organizations can take to help strengthen themselves against all kinds of disasters.

  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif after the P5+1 and Iran concluded negotiations about Iran's nuclear capabilities on November 24, 2013

    Making Sense of Nuclear Negotiations with Iran: A Good Deal or a Bad Deal?

    Jan 22, 2014

    Negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 have resulted in a first step agreement of a possible comprehensive deal on the Iranian nuclear program. A panel of experts will examine the negotiations, the potential for a deal that could effectively halt Iran's ability to develop nuclear weapons, and implications for U.S. national security.

  • smiling doctor drawing red heart with other medical staff

    Women's Heart Health: Research That Matters

    Jan 11, 2014

    A conference on women's heart health research will feature experts Chloe E. Bird, Tamara B. Horwich, and Karol E. Watson. They will discuss topics related to women's heart health including body weight and calcium.

  • behavioral health patient talking to his doctor

    The Promise of Integrated Health Care

    Dec 18, 2013

    People with serious mental illness suffer more chronic health problems and die earlier than others. Research suggests that the solution may lie in integrated care — the coordination of mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services. Join us as we learn about this innovative approach.

  • Atlanta traffic and skyline

    The Future of Mobility: Transportation 2030

    Dec 3, 2013

    What will transportation look like in the United States in the year 2030? Multiple mobility scenarios are possible. Come hear how policymakers and planners can shape the future of mobility in the United States and what factors will influence the creation of the future transportation system.

  • Estimating the Comparative Effectiveness of Screening Tests

    Nov 13, 2013

    Screening tests are a key component of preventive care. For cancer screening, the most relevant measure of effectiveness is the difference in mortality for screened versus unscreened patients. Carolyn Rutter from The Group Health Research Institute will discuss comparative effectiveness of screening tests, focusing on colorectal cancer.

  • Economist  and Nobel Laureate Edmund Phelps

    Distinguished Speaker Series: Edmund Phelps

    Nov 6, 2013

    Nobel Prize-winning economist Edmund Phelps is director of the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University as well as dean of New Huadu Business School at Minjiang University in Fuzhou, China. He will follow his talk with a book signing.

  • U.S. soldiers in East Baghdad

    The U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq and What It May Mean for Afghanistan

    Nov 5, 2013

    An event co-hosted by RAND and the Wilson Center will explore how our experience in the military exit and the transition of responsibilities in Iraq might help to inform future U.S. transition planning in Afghanistan.

  • two CCTV cameras and American flag illustration

    Security Versus Privacy?

    Oct 24, 2013

    People are wondering how much America is, or should be, sacrificing privacy and civil liberties for the sake of homeland security. A RAND Policy Forum on October 24, 2013 will discuss where to draw the proper lines between privacy, security, and liberty.

  • Kim Jong-un during the celebration of the 65th anniversary of North Korea

    Preparing for North Korean Regime Collapse

    Oct 16, 2013

    The North Korean government has shown signs of instability for some time. RAND senior defense analyst Bruce Bennett will discuss the possible consequences of its collapse, including civil war in the North, a humanitarian crisis, the potential use and proliferation of the nation's chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and even war with China.

  • three students walking up school steps

    Back to School: Focus on Challenges Faced by Children and Adolescents

    Sep 26, 2013

    As the school year begins for children in Pittsburgh and throughout the nation, it's a good time for the rest of us to reflect on how to best support their success in school and in life. Our panelists will explore several aspects of students' experiences, inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Exits on the Road to Serfdom

    Sep 26, 2013

    In The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek suggested that statist intervention in the economy would inevitably bring a population to a serf-like situation. James Thompson, Noah Harding Professor of Statistics at Rice University, will discuss this assertion, and those of the critics who suggest that such pessimism is excessive.

  • Reaper drone


    Sep 25, 2013

    Drones—robotic, unmanned aerial vehicles used for surveillance—have transformed warfare and are beginning to transform civilian life as well. A RAND Policy Forum will address friendly and unfriendly drones, how they are being used today, who has them, and what other applications indicate cause for concern.

  • Brian Michael Jenkins testifying

    Hill Staff Conference Call with RAND Terrorism Expert

    Aug 22, 2013

    RAND terrorism expert Brian Michael Jenkins will lead this exclusive Hill discussion on current events in the Middle East and North Africa. Jenkins will share a firsthand account of what he learned from key leaders during his recent trip to the region.

  • group of people at a seminar

    RAND Public Policy Analysis Workshop for Congressional Staffers

    Aug 13, 2013

    This two-day analysis training workshop will provide legislative staffers with an introduction to policy analysis tools and techniques as well as an understanding of how they can be used to improve the quality of public policy decisionmaking.