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Brian Michael Jenkins
Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves

Unconquerable Nation

Thursday, September 7, 2006
6:00 p.m. Reception
6:30 p.m. Program

The RAND Corporation
1200 South Hayes Street
Arlington VA 22202-5050
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Program Description

As the United States battles a fierce insurgency in Iraq, pursues a tenacious Taliban movement in Afghanistan, and wages a global campaign to dismantle the jihadist terrorist enterprise responsible for 9/11, many Americans are asking: Where are we in the global struggle against terrorism? What are we fighting against? And perhaps most importantly, What are we fighting for?

In his new book, Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves, internationally-renowned terrorism expert and senior advisor to RAND, Brian Michael Jenkins, offers sobering and often surprising answers to these key questions and recommends a new strategy for the U.S. to fight terrorism at home and abroad. Emphasizing a vigorous defense of American civil liberties and traditions of freedom as a key component in the struggle against terror, Jenkins outlines a ferociously pragmatic but principled approach that goes beyond attacking terrorist networks and operational capabilities to defeating the terrorists’ entire missionary enterprise.

About the Speaker

Brian Michael Jenkins is one of the world's foremost authorities on terrorism and is considered by many to be the dean of terrorism research in the United States. During his nearly four decades of analysis, Jenkins has advised governments, private corporations, the Catholic Church, the Church of England and many other international organizations on terrorist threats. His expertise is regularly sought by national television, radio and print media. A former Green Beret in the Dominican Republic and Vietnam, Jenkins has traveled the globe studying firsthand the terrorist movements in the Middle East, Europe, and Central and South America. Jenkins is the author of many books, the most recent of which is Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves (2006).