Game Night at RAND: How Safe Are We?

A RANDNext Event

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October 26, 2016


6:30 p.m. Registration
7:00 p.m. Program

Light dinner and drinks will be provided


RAND Corporation

1776 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

Complimentary parking at RAND


The RAND Corporation has been at the forefront of gaming for nearly seven decades. These "serious games" have been used to explore issues ranging from drug policy and disaster response to nuclear proliferation, military operations, and warfare. Today, the RAND Center for Gaming promotes the use of games in research to improve decisionmaking across a wide range of policy areas.

RANDNext members are invited, in partnership with the Truman National Security Project, to an interactive gaming event on a response to a hypothetical cyber attack in Chicago. Ellie Bartels will lead us through an interactive, role-playing game and provide a quick overview of how the RAND Center for Gaming uses gaming to help decisionmaking.

Elizabeth Bartels

Elizabeth "Ellie" Bartels

Assistant Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation; Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School; Fellow, Truman National Security Project

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