Security 2040: The Promise and Perils of Speed

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May 23, 2018


4:30 p.m. Doors Open
4:30 p.m. Program


RAND Corporation
4570 Fifth Avenue, Suite 600
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


In an age of rapid technological advancement, the sheer pace of change is affecting security, decisionmaking, and our way of life. Is faster better? Join us for a discussion on RAND’s Security 2040 initiative and the promise and perils of speed.

Security 2040 builds on RAND’s legacy of helping decisionmakers anticipate and respond to issues that will impact our security and well-being. Multidisciplinary teams are researching crucial trends and analyzing how to harness their potential. We invite you to learn more and to discuss the implications of accelerating everything.

Kathryn "Casey" Bouskill

Associate Social Scientist

Seifu Chonde

Associate Operations Researcher

andrew parasiliti

Andrew Parasiliti (Moderator)

Director, RAND Center for Global Risk and Security

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