Truth Decay and Civil Discourse

Policy Circle Briefing Series

The words Truth Decay over a fading American flag painted on wood

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May 24, 2018


6:00 p.m. Reception
7:00 p.m. Program


RAND Corporation
1776 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

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The shrinking role of facts and evidence-based analysis in American public life poses a threat to democracy, to policymaking, and to the very notion of civil discourse. RAND has launched an ambitious research project to define and study Truth Decay, with the goal of working toward innovative solutions. RAND's Jennifer Kavanagh will address the connection between Truth Decay and the erosion of civil discourse, as well as Truth Decay's effects on policymaking and the future of democracy.

Jennifer Kavanagh

Political Scientist, RAND Corporation; Associate Director of the Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program in the RAND Arroyo Center

Nicholas Goldberg

Nicholas Goldberg

Editorial Page Editor, Los Angeles Times

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