Archive of Events, 2005–2011

  • Conference Addresses Relationship Between Health, Aging, and Human Capital — Dec 5, 2011

    The RAND Bing Center for Health Economics, RAND Labor and Population, and the Journal of Human Capital held a two-day Conference on Health, Aging, and Human Capital. Speakers included RAND's Nicole Maestas, NYU's Michael Grossman, and Harvard's David Wise; all conference videos are available online.

  • Narratives and Strategic Communications in Foreign Policy — Nov 29, 2011

    This conference is a public meeting of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy and is being conducted in partnership with the RAND Corporation.

  • EU Parliament President Addresses RAND Europe Reception — Nov 29, 2011

    Jerzy Buzek MEP, President of the European Parliament, was the guest speaker at RAND Europe's annual Brussels reception. His talk highlighted the importance of research and development in Europe. Buzek also paid tribute to RAND Europe's contribution to policymaking, a process which offers "real solutions to the real problems of our fellow citizens."

  • Kellermann Presents Inaugural CCHSR Lecture — Nov 28, 2011

    RAND Health Director Art Kellermann was the guest speaker at the inaugural lecture of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR), a joint effort of RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge. His talk focused on the challenges of acute care in the U.S. health system.

  • California Capitol Briefing on the Public Health Impacts of Prisoner Reentry — Nov 18, 2011

    A May 2011 U.S. Supreme Court decision ordered California to reduce its prison population by 33,000 within two years. This Capitol Briefing will address which counties and communities will be most affected by reentry and the capacity of the health care safety net to meet ex-prisoner needs.

  • The New Generation of Veterans — Nov 15, 2011

    Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan face many challenges, particularly when it comes to health care. A RAND policy forum focuses on recent research into this new generation of combat veterans, including their experience with depression, PTSD, and substance misuse, as well as challenges they face in their physical health, their access to services, and their post-military careers.

  • Issues in Focus: California's Water Challenges — Oct 25, 2011

    An October RAND program features David Groves, a policy researcher whose work on water resources management has helped several water agencies in California address climate change in their long-term planning.

  • Investing in Keeping People Healthy: Entrepreneurism and Public Policy — Oct 4, 2011

    The health sector is replete with unique obstacles to entrepreneurial efforts. At this lecture, David M. Lawrence, M.D., shares his insights on ideas for designing and implementing public policies that will help, not hinder, innovation.

  • RAND to Host Community Conference on Early Childhood Issues — Sep 24, 2011

    Join this discussion about the upcoming launch of the "Kindergarten Readiness in Santa Monica" initiative, a partnership between Connections for Children, the Santa Monica–Malibu Unified School District, and the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities.

  • New Security Challenges: Washington Defense Security Course — Sep 19, 2011

    Since its inception in 2000, “New Security Challenges,” an intensive weeklong program offered by the Pardee RAND Graduate School, has equipped participants with an understanding of both the most critical current policy challenges and the most up-to-date analytical techniques for addressing them.

  • The Long Shadow of 9/11: America's Response to Terrorism — Sep 1, 2011

    In the 10 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America has been humbled, hopeful, torn, driven, and inspired. At this program, Brian Michael Jenkins will discuss the political, fiscal, social, cultural, psychological, and military implications of U.S. policymaking since 9/11.

  • The Long Shadow of 9/11: America's Response to Terrorism — Jul 26, 2011

    RAND experts discussed the military, political, fiscal, social, cultural, psychological, and moral implications of U.S. policymaking since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • After bin Laden: The United States, Afghanistan, and Pakistan — Jun 16, 2011

    Seth Jones, a RAND senior political scientist who recently returned from Afghanistan as the representative for the commander, United States Special Operations Command, to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations, will discuss the U.S., Afghanistan, and Pakistan after bin Laden.

  • Issues in Focus: Rising Costs of Health Care — May 24, 2011

    Arthur Kellermann, vice president and director of RAND Health, will lead a program in May about the rising costs of health care.

  • RAND Behavioral Finance Forum: Consumer Financial Protection — May 10, 2011

    The purpose of this annual meeting is to discuss trends and new policy options in consumer finance with academics, industry experts, members of congress, their staff, and other policymakers.

  • Managing the Unexpected: Admiral Thad Allen — Apr 19, 2011

    Admiral Thad Allen will discuss his experiences leading the nation's high-profile responses to national emergencies ranging from the September 11th terrorist attacks to Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill.

  • Distinguished Speaker Series: John Deasy on Education — Feb 17, 2011

    John Deasy was recently voted by the Los Angeles Board of Education to be the next superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). He'll be the fifth superintendent in a decade entrusted with directing the nation's second-largest public school district.

  • From Management to Recovery: Emerging Approaches to Serious Mental Illness — Jan 26, 2011

    A RAND Policy Forum on serious mental illness management and recovery will be held on January 26, 2011 with a special performance by acclaimed musician Nathaniel Anthony Ayers.

  • U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg — Jan 21, 2011

    Former RAND analyst James Steinberg, now serving as the principal deputy to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, returned to RAND in January to outline "where we are" in U.S. foreign policy at the midpoint of the Obama administration's term.

  • World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), Forum 2010 — Dec 7, 2010

    The RAND-Qatar Policy Institute is partnering with WISE for this forum, December 7-9, 2010, in Qatar. The event will draw leaders from governments, businesses, civil society, academia, NGOs, grassroots movements, top-tier media, and art to focus on Transforming Education: Investment, Innovation and Inclusion.

  • Managing the Unexpected: Admiral Thad Allen to Discuss Hurricane Katrina and BP Oil Spill — Dec 2, 2010

    Admiral Thad Allen will discuss his experiences leading the nation's high-profile response to two national emergencies—Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill—and the lessons learned about how to respond more effectively to disaster.

  • First Annual Conference of the Financial Literacy Research Consortium — Nov 18, 2010

    The Financial Literacy Consortium will hold its first annual conference, "New Insights and Advances in Financial Literacy," where scholars will present their research and discuss how programs, educational products, and policies can best promote financial planning and security.

  • Issues in Focus: Improving Public Services — Oct 25, 2010

    Join RAND experts in learning about the effectiveness of performance-based accountability systems in five sectors—child care, education, health care, public health emergency preparedness, and transportation—and RAND's recommendations for improvement.

  • Gulf Coast Insurance Forum: What's Wrong with the Insurance Market Along the Gulf Coast and How Do We Fix It? — Oct 20, 2010

    A panel discussion of the current insurance market and the future of reform efforts will include a new RAND report, "Residential Insurance on the U.S. Gulf Coast in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: A Framework for Evaluating Potential Reform."

  • ICJ Policy Symposium: The Long Tail of Environmental Litigation — Sep 23, 2010

    Georgene Vairo, a member of the ICJ Board of Overseers, will discuss two environmental disasters and their related litigations—the Chevron-Ecuador litigation that stemmed from drilling efforts over a long period of time in a foreign country and the BP litigation confronting the courts today.

  • Policy Forum Addresses Priorities for Rebuilding Haiti — Sep 21, 2010

    Haiti's future prosperity and peace depend on its ability to build a more resilient state, one capable of providing public services like education and health care as well as responding effectively to natural disasters. This RAND Policy Forum will discuss what priorities need to be set in best using the $10 billion in aid from the international community.

  • Issues in Focus: Mumbai Rising? — Aug 26, 2010

    Senior economist Krishna Kumar will discuss the implications for the United States of India's rapid economic growth over the past two decades and whether the potential of the two nations' strategic partnership has been fully realized.

  • Policy Forum: Media's Influence on Our Kids — Jul 29, 2010

    Senior behavioral scientist Rebecca Collins and Madeline Di Nonno, executive director for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, will discuss how media may shape boys' and girls' beliefs about sex and gender, their sexual behavior, and their futures.

  • RAND Policy Circle: Challenges Facing Urban Schools — Jul 20, 2010

    This Policy Circle Conversations at RAND event, "Is Urban Education Collapsing?," examines the problems facing urban education today as well as the evidence on a range of promising policy solutions.

  • California Capitol Briefing on Marijuana Legalization — Jul 7, 2010

    The authors of a new study on legalizing marijuana in California present to the state legislature "Marijuana Legalization: Could Increased Costs Outstrip Revenue Projections?", an analysis of the difficulty in predicting public revenues that might be generated from the drug's sale.

  • Behavioral Finance and Public Policy 2010 — May 25, 2010

    The RAND Behavioral Finance Forum held on May 25, 2010, focused on new policy options in consumer finance with staff and members of Congress and other policymakers, and with representatives of academe and the financial industry.

  • RAND Institute for Civil Justice 2010 Conference on Law and Finance — May 20, 2010

    This conference on "Alternative Litigation Finance in the U.S.," taking place May 20-21, 2010, will bring together practitioners, policymakers, judges, and researchers to discuss and debate related issues and trends. The extensive program will feature presentations, panels, and speakers as well as offer continuing legal education.

  • Distinguished Speaker Series: Executive Compensation—Challenges and Opportunities — May 11, 2010

    Robert Jackson, Jr., the Deputy Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation will discuss the topic of executive compensation among companies who received financial assistance as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

  • Haskins Lecture on Science Policy: Shirley M. Tilghman, Research Pioneer — Apr 13, 2010

    The 2010 Haskins Lecture on Science Policy will be given by Princeton University President Shirley M. Tilghman, whose work was integral to the creation of the Human Genome Project.

  • The Status of America's War on Drugs — Apr 7, 2010

    This Policy Circle Conversations at RAND event, "Is America's War on Drugs Really Over?," provides a discussion of trends in drug use and promising new directions for managing drug abuse and reducing the harms associated with drug use and drug policies.

  • Distinguished Speaker Series: Esther Duflo on Global Poverty — Mar 4, 2010

    Esther Duflo—named by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the world's top 100 public intellectuals and by The Economist as one of the top 8 young economists in the world—conducts research on economic issues in developing countries.

  • Issues in Focus: Green Buildings, Green Jobs — Feb 17, 2010

    Ambassador Charles Ries will discuss how the EU and Australia have pioneered successful policies to promote energy efficiency in buildings and how we might replicate such successes in the United States.

  • Tipping the Scale: Policy Approaches Toward Healthy Living and Tackling the Obesity Epidemic — Jan 28, 2010

    Although many view the struggle with weight as a private concern, the steady rise in obesity—and obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and depression—makes it a public health problem as well. Join us at this Policy Forum to discuss ways communities can solve America's obesity epidemic.

  • The Future of Nigeria's Niger Delta — Dec 7, 2009

    his conference will explore the key drivers of the conflict in the Niger Delta, its possible future directions and their implications for the United States.

  • Do Retail Medical Clinics Offer Comparable Care? — Dec 2, 2009

    This Policy Circle Conversations at RAND event, "Getting Health Care Where You Shop," will discuss the growing availability and popularity of retail medical clinics, their costs and quality, and their effects on primary care.

  • World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) — Nov 16, 2009

    The RAND-Qatar Policy Institute is partnering with WISE for this forum, November 16-18, 2009, in Qatar. The event will draw leaders from government, business, civil society, academia, NGOs, grassroots movements, top-tier media, and art to focus on Global Education: Working Together for Sustainable Achievements.

  • Bridging the Atlantic Divide — Nov 10, 2009

    RAND will convene a panel of former U.S. ambassadors to discuss the relationship between the United States and the European Union, and its effect on trade, diplomacy, and foreign policy.

  • U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: Basic Questions — Strategic Choices — Oct 29, 2009

    RAND convened this half-day symposium of experts—including Senator Carl Levin, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, Ambassador Jim Dobbins, and others—and journalists to address assumptions and alternatives for U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

  • Policy Forum: L.A. Public Safety After Bratton — Oct 28, 2009

    Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton and RAND Safety and Justice Director Greg Ridgeway discussed the future of the Los Angeles Police Department after Bratton's departure, and the implications on public safety in Los Angeles.

  • The Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment — Oct 23, 2009

    In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this Policy Circle Conversations at RAND event is a discussion of breast MRI and how the results of this diagnostic test are affecting women's decisionmaking regarding their cancer treatment.

  • Issues in Focus: Health Care Reform — Sep 17, 2009

    RAND's leading health policy experts assess recent congressional health care reform proposals in terms of affordability, access to care, and quality of care, incorporating lessons from a RAND analysis of Massachusetts' universal health care plan.

  • Advisory Panel on DoD Capabilities for Support of Civil Authorities After Certain Incidents — Sep 15, 2009

    This Advisory Panel event on September 15 and 16, 2009, will assess authorities and capabilities for DoD support for CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives) incidents.

  • Issues in Focus: North Korean Power — Jul 29, 2009

    Recent North Korean provocations provide the backdrop for this discussion about the myths and realities of North Korean power and the challenges the United States and others face in deterring North Korean actions.

  • Issues in Focus: Mexican Security in Decline — Jun 17, 2009

    K. Jack Riley, associate director of the RAND National Security Research Division, will discuss the dire security situation in Mexico, and implications and options for the U.S.

  • Williams Lecture on Health Policy: Helping Children in Developing Countries Thrive — Jun 11, 2009

    Karen Hein, MD, will deliver the sixth Albert P. Williams Memorial Health Lecture, which will include a discussion of her recent humanitarian volunteer work related to international health and to youth development, especially in Asia and Africa.

  • Understanding Iran: Domestic and Foreign Policy on the Eve of the Presidential Election — Jun 5, 2009

    In light of the upcoming presidential election in Iran on June 12 and the Obama administration's review of U.S.-Iran policy, RAND will present a series of recent studies by its experts on Iranian domestic and foreign policy.

  • First International Conference on Entrepreneurship — Jun 5, 2009

    Catalysts of Entrepreneurship: Policies for Growth is being held at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, which is organising the event along with RAND. The conference addresses issues that affect multiple stakeholders—the government and policymakers, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and researchers.

  • Issues in Focus: Is the U.S. Losing Its Edge in Science and Technology? — May 14, 2009

    Management scientist Titus Galama will speak to U.S. competitiveness in science and technology, whether gains by other nations pose genuine threats, and how U.S. immigration policies are affecting America's scientific leadership.

  • U.S.-U.K. Conference on Behavioral Finance and Public Policy — May 1, 2009

    The 2009 Behavioral Finance Forum (BeFi) conference was held on May 1 in Washington, D.C., to discuss new policy options to help consumers better manage their finances with staff and members of congress and other policymakers.

  • The European Conference on Maritime Piracy — Apr 27, 2009

    The European Conference on Maritime Piracy will examine the political, military and commercial challenges posed to European states by maritime piracy. It will also focus on the legal issues that Europe faces in combating the phenomenon—rules of engagement, multi-jurisdictional difficulties and judicial processes.

  • Policy Forum Explores Past Four Decades of Drug Policy and Promising New Directions — Apr 16, 2009

    A RAND Policy Forum on Drug Policy in 2009: Are We Still a Nation at War? will convene a panel of RAND experts and other distinguished voices in the drug policy debate to examine the results of our nation's "war on drugs" and to discuss promising new directions for drug policy.

  • Policy Forum Offers Chance to Discuss Disparity in Well-Being for Minority Males — Mar 26, 2009

    A RAND Policy Forum on Reparable Harm: Improving Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color in California will gather experts and distinguished guests to discuss what policymakers, public agencies, philanthropic foundations, and service providers can do to understand and help improve the life chances for the state's boys and men of color.

  • Conference on Due Diligence for Humanity's Long-Term Future — Mar 17, 2009

    This Pardee Center Workshop will give policymakers and analysts an opportunity to explore tools to identify the long-term views and policy analyses that should have the most significant influence on near-term decisions in three broad policy areas: Human Development; International Policy; and Climate and Energy.

  • Issues in Focus: President Obama and the Middle East — Feb 10, 2009

    Leadership for the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy will discuss considerations for the administration on issues such as: Iran's nuclear ambitions, the U.S. drawdown in Iraq, the unprecedented Iraqi refugee crisis, implications of unemployment, poor governance, and radicalism throughout the Middle East.

  • RAND to Host Community Conference on Early Childhood Investment — Jan 31, 2009

    The RAND Community Conference on Early Childhood Issues will present findings from the California Preschool Study. A panel of state and regional policymakers will lead a broader discussion of the implications of the economic downturn and its effects on public funds to support early childhood investments.

  • RAND Conversation on Holding the Public Education System Accountable — Jan 30, 2009

    In a RAND Policy Circle presentation, education experts will discuss the key findings from research that examines the effects of standards-based accountability and pay-for-performance policies, as well as the roles federal and state governments and the private sector can play in setting standards and accountability policies.

  • Policy Forum Addresses Sustainable Change Through Community Engagement — Jan 29, 2009

    A RAND Gulf States Policy Forum on Sustainable Change Through Community Engagement will gather stakeholders and decisionmakers from the Gulf States with RAND researchers to discuss key issues, regional priorities, and the role of research and data in problem solving.

  • RAND ICJ Policy Breakfast on Equal Opportunity Entrepreneurship — Jan 23, 2009

    RAND's Institute for Civil Justice will host a Policy Breakfast on January 23, 2009, at which leading experts in small business and entrepreneurship will discuss the determinants of success for small business owners including the intersection of race, and the role of this important issue under the new administration.

  • A Discussion of the Strategic Concerns Surrounding China's Rising Power — Nov 17, 2008

    RAND will host a new book launch event for Pacific Currents: The Responses of U.S. Allies and Security Partners in East Asia to China's Rise on November 17, 2008.

  • National Summit on Police Recruitment and Retention — June 17, 2008

    Recruitment and retention of officers is an increasing challenge for police agencies. The national summit on Police Recruitment and Retention will provide an opportunity for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers from throughout the U.S. to discuss current challenges, research findings and their implications, and other emerging developments and innovations from the field.

  • Policy Forum Addresses Mental Health of Returning Soldiers — June 12, 2008

    Nearly 20 percent of military service members who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan — 300,000 in all — are afflicted by post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression, yet only slightly more than half have sought treatment. What are the consequences for our veterans, their families, and the nation?

  • Climate, Energy & Transportation Policy Workshops — Jun 2008

    Because climate change, transportation, and energy are so inter-related, it is important to look at them in an integrated way. Three workshops, to be held on June 4th, 5th, and 19th, will bring together representatives of government, industry, advocacy groups, and the research community to share different perspectives and to identify common points of view that could lead to new policy solutions, particularly for climate change mitigation.

  • Policy Forum Addresses Issues Over the Horizon — May 15, 2008

    To commemorate RAND's 60th anniversary and legacy of helping policymakers stay ahead of the curve, RAND experts will discuss several of tomorrow's front-burner policy issues-and what we can and should be doing about them today.

  • Third Annual Conference on Terrorism and Global Security — May 8–9, 2008

    The 2008 Conference on Terrorism and Global Security brings together legal scholars, law enforcement and intelligence personnel, public health professionals, and national and international terrorism experts to discuss and explore the most pressing issues in the field.

  • Policy Forum Addresses Impacts of Climate Change on California's Water Resources — Apr 17, 2008

    A panel of RAND experts and one of California's leading water policymakers will discuss the implications of climate change for California's water needs and what can and should be done now to prepare for an unpredictable future.

  • Colloquium on the RAND Legacy — Mar 13, 2008

    To help celebrate RAND's 60th anniversary, RAND staff and alumni are invited to attend a colloquium on the RAND legacy. Five distinguished panelists will reflect upon RAND's formative years, prominent personalities and icons, our unique legacy and contributions, and what may be on the horizon.

  • Book Launch and Luncheon Focuses on Special Regulation in Small Business — Dec 10, 2007

    The Kauffman-RAND Institute for Entrepreneurship Public Policy is hosting a book launch and luncheon to highlight research findings from In the Name of Entrepreneurship? The Logic and Effects of Special Regulatory Treatment for Small Business.

  • Policy Forum Addresses Rise of China — Nov 29, 2007

    China has transformed in dramatic ways over the past 25 years and wields increasing influence on the global stage. What are the myths and realities of China's impact on the changing geopolitical landscape? What are the challenges and opportunities for the United States?

  • RAND to Host Community Conference on Early Childhood Issues — Nov 10, 2007

    The RAND Community Conference on Early Childhood Issues will feature lessons learned from evaluating early intervention programs around the country, with particular emphasis on Pittsburgh's PNC Grow Up Great, a $100 million, 10-year enhancement program.

  • RAND and UCLA Host Conference on Transparency in the Civil Justice System — Nov 2, 2007

    In a conference presented by the RAND Institute for Civil Justice and UCLA School of Law, discussion and analysis will focus on the issue of transparency, both its advantages and disadvantages, in many aspects of the civil justice system.

  • RAND Conversation on Critical Factors in Our Nation's Obesity Epidemic — Oct 16, 2007

    In a RAND Policy Circle presentation, Dr. Deborah Cohen will discuss the obesity epidemic with a focus on the role of neighborhoods and safe places to engage in physical activity, as well as access to healthy foods in schools and the workplace.

  • Policy Forum Addresses the Impact and Promise of No Child Left Behind — Sep 26, 2007

    Is the No Child Left Behind Act working to close the achievement gap in U.S. schools? RAND Education policy analysts and a prominent national leader in education discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in making NCLB's promise a reality.

  • Computer-Based Crime to Be Focus of Silicon Valley Forum — Sep 25, 2007

    Security experts from the technology industry, law enforcement and academia will outline what is needed to better measure and understand the effect of computer-based crime in the United States during a public forum Sept. 25 in Silicon Valley.

  • Pardee RAND Graduate School Hosts Annual Program on New Security Challenges — Sep 10, 2007

    This intensive, weeklong program offered by the Pardee RAND Graduate School will equip participants with both an understanding of the most critical current policy challenges in the areas of security and defense and the most up-to-date analytical techniques for addressing them.

  • RAND Holds Conversation on Helping Youth Exposed to Violence — Sep 12, 2007

    In a RAND Policy Circle presentation, researcher Dr. Bradley Stein will discuss helping young people who have been exposed to violence in their communities.

  • Policy Forum to Address Traffic Congestion in Los Angeles — Jul 26, 2007

    What policy options are available to mitigate Los Angeles' notoriously congested roadways? RAND transportation expert Martin Wachs and a panel of regional stakeholders and policymakers will discuss realistic approaches to addressing the region's worsening congestion.

  • Conferences Address Critical Issues Facing the Aging Population — Jul 11–14, 2007

    The 14th annual RAND Summer Institute consists of two conferences that address critical issues facing our aging population. The MiniMedical School for Social Scientists will be held on July 11–12, and the Demography, Economics, and Epidemiology of Aging conference on July 13–14.

  • Congressional Briefing Focuses on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act — Jul 09, 2007

    Lloyd Dixon and Robert Lempert will present Assessing Policy Options for Renewing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act on July 9, 2007 for the next installment of the RAND Congressional Briefing Series.

  • Conference on No Child Left Behind Act Offers New Insights for Educators and Civic Leaders — Jun 12, 2007

    RAND will host a conference in Washington D.C. for educators, civic leaders and other interested thoughtleaders and decisiomakers to examine new insights and current research findings on accountability under the No Child Left Behind Act.

  • RAND Conversation Discusses Challenges in Financing Public Transportation — Apr 18, 2007

    In a RAND Policy Circle presentation, Martin Wachs, Director of the Transportation, Space and Technology Program, will discuss the general funding crisis in transportation, and public transit in particular.

  • RAND Presents Symposium on Challenges Facing the Global Supply Chain — May 17, 2007

    On May 17, the RAND Supply Chain Policy Center will present Challenges Facing the Global Supply Chain. This symposium will feature a congressional speaker, presentation by RAND experts, and panel discussion by distinguished industry and government leaders.

  • Improving Recruitment and Retention in the New Orleans Police Department — May 14, 2007

    Bernard Rostker will present Improving Recruitment and Retention in the New Orleans Police Department on May 14, 2007 for the next installment of the Congressional Briefing Series.

  • RAND Distinguished Speaker Series to Feature Admiral Thad W. Allen — Apr 19, 2007

    Admiral Thad W. Allen, 23rd Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, will visit RAND headquarters in Santa Monica to discuss the varied mission of today's Coast Guard and issues of special relevance to Southern California such as security of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

  • Conversation at RAND to Focus on Arts and Culture in the Metropolis — Apr 18, 2007

    In a RAND Policy Circle presentation, researcher Elizabeth Ondaatje will discuss the new RAND report, Arts and Culture in the Metropolis. This study examines support systems for the arts in 11 metropolitan areas, including Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Conference on Strategies for Realizing Student Potential — Mar 30–31, 2007

    The RAND Gulf States Policy Institute and the 100 Black Men of America organization are co-sponsors of this conference that will convene experts, educators, and mentors from around the country to share lessons related to helping all students realize their full potential.

  • Conference on Coping with Iran — Mar 21, 2007

    Ambassador James Dobbins hosted a public conference sponsored by the RAND Corporation entitled, “Coping With Iran: Confrontation, Containment or Engagement?” The conference featured high-level experts and was attended by over 300 guests.

  • Veteran Diplomat James Dobbins Discusses Nation-Building in Iraq and Beyond — Mar 14, 2007

    On March 14, RAND's Policy Forum series will feature James Dobbins discussing his newest book The Beginner's Guide to Nation-Building.

  • Policy Forum to Address Homelessness in Los Angeles — Feb 22, 2007

    Approximately 88,000 people in the Los Angeles region are homeless at any given time. On February 22, a panel of RAND experts and local policymakers will discuss current strategies and new approaches for addressing homelessness in the region.

  • RAND Hosts Conversation on Examining Responses to the No Child Left Behind Act — Feb 16, 2007

    On February 16, Laura Hamilton, senior behavioral scientist at RAND, along with Anne E. Stephens, Superintendent of the Fox Chapel Area School District, and Vernon Tipton, Executive Director of the Duquesne City School District, will discuss responses to the No Child Left Behind Act.

  • RAND Experts Angel Rabasa and William Rosenau Discuss al-Qaeda's Evolution — Feb 13, 2007

    Angel Rabasa and William Rosenau, co-authors of a new two-volume analysis Beyond Al-Qaeda, will address a Washington D.C. audience on al-Qaeda's evolution and the emergence of groups affiliated, associated, or inspired by al-Qaeda.

  • RAND Co-Sponsors National Symposium on America's Energy Future — Dec 07, 2006

    RAND is co-sponsoring a symposium in Washington D.C. on critical energy issues now facing the nation to provide policy makers as well as government, business and community leaders the knowledge to make smart decisions required for America's energy future.

  • Discussion with World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh Focuses on Energy Security and U.S. Policy — Dec 13, 2006

    Mike Toman, Senior Economist and Director, Environment, Energy, and Economic Development program at RAND, spoke to over 100 members of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh on energy security and U.S. policy.

  • RAND Hosts Conversation on the Exposure of Youth to Degrading Music Lyrics — Dec 05, 2006

    Steven Martino, behavioral scientist at RAND, discussed a recently released RAND study that presents the strongest evidence yet that sexually degrading lyrics in music encourage adolescents to more quickly engage in sexual activities.

  • Congressional Luncheon Panel Discussion: On "Other War" — Nov 29, 2006

    RAND will host a luncheon panel to discuss On “Other War”: Lessons from Five Decades of RAND Counterinsurgency Research on November 29, 2006 at noon. Panelists include James Dobbins, Bruce Hoffman, and Austin Long, with Michael Rich moderating.

  • RAND Co-hosts Conference on Terrorism, Global Security and the Law — Oct 19–20, 2006

    On October 19–20, RAND will co-host a conference bringing together legal scholars, jurists, law enforcement, intelligence personnel, and terrorism experts for thoughtful examination of the unique legal issues implicated in post-9/11 efforts to counter terrorism and strengthen homeland security.

  • RAND Hosts Conversation on Estimating Graduation and Dropout Rates — Oct 12, 2006

    On October 12, 2006, RAND researcher Brian Gill and Mark Roosevelt, Superintendent of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, discussed the recently released RAND study, Estimating Graduation and Dropout Rates with Longitudinal Data: A Case Study in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

  • Policy Forum Explores a Vision for the Arts in Los Angeles — Oct 5, 2006

    Los Angeles is poised at the threshold of a new era in the arts. A leader in bringing strategic thinking to metropolitan arts sectors around the country, RAND will host this dynamic policy forum to engage L.A.'s leading arts visionaries on the unique opportunities and challenges facing the city's thriving arts sector.

  • RAND Senior Fellow Bernard Rostker Speaks at Library of Congress — Oct 5, 2006

    As U.S. military forces appear overcommitted and some ponder a possible return to the draft, the timing is ideal for Bernard Rostker's insider's account of how the American military transformed itself over the past five decades, from a poorly disciplined force of conscripts and draft-motivated “volunteers” to a force of professionals relied upon throughout the world to maintain peace and security.

  • Leading Terrorism Expert Brian Jenkins Discusses Latest Book — Sep 6–Oct 10, 2006

    Renowned terrorism expert and senior advisor to RAND, Brian Jenkins will discuss his new book, Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves. Jenkins proposes pragmatic steps to defeat the terrorist threat while maintaining American values and civil liberties.

  • Newcomers Reception for Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families — Sep 24, 2006

    RAND is hosting the newcomer's reception for first-time attendees of the 2006 Annual Conference of Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families (GCYF). The theme of this year's conference is, "Healthy Communities: Strengthening Prospects for the Wellbeing of Children and Families."

  • Congressional Luncheon Briefing Highlights the Qatari Education System — Jul 10, 2006

    Charles Goldman and Catherine Augustine will present Improving the Qatari Education System on July 10, 2006 at noon for the next installment of the Congressional Luncheon Briefing Series.

  • Congressional Breakfast Briefing on Central Asia — Jun 28, 2006

    Rollie Lal will present Central Asia and Its Asian Neighbors: Security and Commerce at the Crossroads on Wednesday June 28, 2006 at 8:00 A.M. This briefing is being held in conjunction with the Silk Road Caucus.

  • RAND Researcher to Give Keynote at Child Health Services Research Meeting — Jun 24, 2006

    Elizabeth McGlynn, Associate Director of RAND Health, will give the keynote address Measuring Quality of Care for Children at the eighth annual Child Health Services Research Meeting in Seattle, Washington on June 24, 2006.

  • Distinguished Speaker Series to Feature Francis Fukuyama — Jun 22, 2006

    On June 22, best-selling author, renowned academic, and political theorist Francis Fukuyama will discuss his current thoughts on American foreign policy at a public forum held at RAND's headquarters in Santa Monica.

  • RAND Pittsburgh Celebrates Opening of New Building — Jun 21, 2006

    RAND celebrated the opening of the new Pittsburgh building on June 21, 2006 with discussions and informational sessions focusing on the topics of terrorism, education, and health care. Featured speakers included Thomas J. Ridge and Brian Jenkins.

  • RAND Co-Sponsors National Security Meeting on Global Jihad — Jun 20, 2006

    The Woodrow Wilson Center, the RAND Corporation and the Dwight D. Eisenhower National Security Series are co-sponsoring a luncheon meeting in Washington, DC for policy specialists from Congress and the Executive, business, academia and media to discuss policy implications of the global jihad movement.

  • Congressional Luncheon Briefing on the Rising Cost of Navy Ships — Jun 12, 2006

    Mark Arena will present Why Has the Cost of Navy Ships Risen? on Monday June 12, 2006, at noon for the next installment of the Congressional Luncheon Briefing Series.

  • RAND Health Co-Sponsors Health Care Organizations Conference — Jun 1–2, 2006

    RAND Health is co-sponsoring the 8th Annual Health Care Organizations Conference with the VA of Greater Los Angeles and the UCLA School of Public Health, to be held June 1–2, 2006 in Westwood, Los Angeles.

  • Congressional Luncheon Briefing to Focus on Quality of Health Care in America — May 8, 2006

    Dr. Elizabeth A. McGlynn, Associate Director of RAND Health, will present Who Is At Greatest Risk for Receiving Poor Quality Health Care? on Monday, May 8, 2006 as part of the RAND Congressional Luncheon Briefing Series.

  • Congressional Briefing on Small Business and Worker Fatality Risk — April 28, 2006

    John Mendeloff and Christopher Nelson will present a Congressional Briefing on April 28, 2006 that explores issues surrounding business size and occupational safety, including the relation between the number of employees at a location, the number employed by the entire business, and fatality rates.

  • Forum on Post-Katrina Recovery Challenges and Implications for Los Angeles — Apr 20, 2006

    RAND will host a public forum on April 20 at its headquarters in Santa Monica featuring experts in the gulf states recovery and redevelopment process. The forum will focus on what decisionmakers need to know to rebuild the gulf states region and lessons for Los Angeles regarding disaster preparedness.

  • RAND Education Hosts Reception at the AERA 2006 Annual Meeting — Apr 10, 2006

    RAND Education will host a reception on Monday, April 10 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the American Education Research Association (AERA) 2006 Annual Meeting. The theme of this year's meeting is "Education Research in the Public Interest".

  • Forum to Focus on Catastrophe Preparedness — Apr 7, 2006

    Leaders in homeland security, emergency response, and occupational safety and health will convene in San Francisco on April 7 to discuss individual, worker and employer preparedness for catastrophic risks. The forum is sponsored by RAND, UC-Berkeley, and the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation (CHSWC).

  • Congressional Luncheon Briefing Addresses U.S. Interests in Central Asia — Apr 3, 2006

    RAND Senior International Policy Analyst Olga Oliker will present U.S. Interests in Central Asia: Policy Priorities and Military Roles on Monday, April 3, 2006 as part of the RAND Congressional Luncheon Briefing Series.

  • Conference on Building a Safer Workplace— Mar 15, 2006

    Occupational accidents and illnesses often arise from complex interactions among workers, technology, the environment, and even organizational culture and history. This conference, sponsored by the RAND Center for Health and Safety in the Workplace, will explore perspectives on improving safety and health policy.

  • Flood Insurance Addressed in Congressional Luncheon Briefing — Mar 13, 2006

    RAND researcher Lloyd Dixon will present The Market Penetration Rate for Flood Insurance: Estimates and Policy Implications on Monday, March 13, 2006 as part of the RAND Congressional Luncheon Briefing Series.

  • RAND to Host Conference on National Security Methods — Feb 15, 2006

    RAND is hosting the first annual conference on National Security Methods on February 15–16, 2006. The conference, sponsored by the American Statistical Association, strives to promote collaboration by focusing on problems, data, and solutions in the national security arena.

  • Reservists' Earnings Topic of First Congressional Luncheon Briefing of 2006 — Feb 13, 2006

    RAND researcher David Loughran will present Activation and the Earnings of Reservists on February 13, 2006 as the first presentation in the 2006 RAND Congressional Luncheon Briefing Series.

  • RAND Economists to Speak at AEA Meeting — Jan 6, 2006

    RAND economists will participate in the American Economic Association three-day conference, January 6–8, 2006, at the Boston Sheraton Hotel. The conference will present over 450 scholarly sessions covering general economic subjects.

  • Forum Addresses Continuum of Care for the Elderly — Jul 13, 2005

    On July 19, RAND is co-sponsoring an aging solutions forum. Three panels of nationally recognized experts will discuss reforms that would ensure continuous and comprehensive health care for the elderly.

  • RAND Holds Conference on “Doing Business with the Euro” — May 4, 2005

    RAND, with the support of the Delegation of the European Commission, will be holding a conference on “Doing Business with the Euro”on May 18, 2005 in Pittsburgh, PA. The conference will explore the effects of the euro on U.S. business operations.

  • RAND Experts to Speak at OECD Forum on Fueling the Future — Apr 4, 2005

    David Aaron, Director of the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy, and L. Martin Van Der Mandele, President of RAND Europe, will speak at the upcoming Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Forum in Paris, France on May 2–3. This "multi-stakeholder summit" will focus on key issues of the 21st century, including the world economic outlook, international trade and investment, and energy.

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