Featured Projects

  • A poll worker casts a mail-in ballot for a voter at a drive-thru polling station during the primary election amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Miami, Florida, August 18, 2020, photo by Marco Bello/Reuters

    Analyzing Election Disinformation Efforts

    Foreign interference in U.S. politics has been a concern since the nation was founded. More recently, the U.S. Senate Committee on Intelligence presented evidence that Russia directed activities against election infrastructures and spread disinformation on social media during the 2016 presidential election.

  • 7d, Maria, azul, blue, blue tarps, canon, condado, damage, fema, hato rey, hurricane maria, pr, puerto rico, recovery, san juan, sea, tarps

    Supporting Puerto Rico's Disaster Recovery Planning

    In response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, RAND researchers supported the development of Puerto Rico's economic and disaster-recovery plan. They collected and analyzed damage and needs information, and developed and costed recovery actions that addressed multiple areas of need.

  • Dilapidated structures are seen in Marawi City, Philippines, May 11, 2019, abandoned two years since pro-Islamic State militants began their attacks there, photo by Eloisa Lopez/Reuters

    Evaluating Programs That Counter Violent Extremism

    Countries around the world are fighting a growing threat of violent extremism. Many have begun implementing countering violent extremism (CVE) interventions to prevent radicalization. Have these programs been effective?

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    International Development Research at RAND Europe

    Our researchers help to inform evidence-based policymaking to build links between local and global knowledge within developing societies on topics such as good governance, evaluation and capacity building, and public health.

  • euro in lightbulb

    Science, Technology and Innovation Research at RAND Europe

    Our researchers help clients understand how to maximize the gains that science, technology and innovation can bring to society and the economy, and how unintended consequences can be mitigated through effective regulation and stakeholder engagement.

  • Birmingham City Centre at night

    Transport and Infrastructure Research at RAND Europe

    Our researchers explore a range of transport matters, from understanding and forecasting people’s travel behaviors through demand modeling, to examining the impact of new technologies on travel and infrastructure.

  • doctors in meeting with laptop

    Health and Care Research at RAND Europe

    RAND Europe researchers provide expertise across all healthcare settings, offering clients insights into a wide range of health conditions and different health system providers in the UK and Europe.

  • hands holding paper cutout of family

    Employment and Social Policy Research at RAND Europe

    We help our clients understand how employment policies can meet the demand for sustainable economic growth and provide expert assessment of the impacts of social policies on the most vulnerable.

  • NATO flags fly at summit meetings of Heads of State and Government in Strasbourg, France

    Defense and Security Research at RAND Europe

    In a climate of uncertainty and rapidly evolving threats, RAND Europe equips clients with the evidence-based analysis they need to inform their decisionmaking on topics ranging from equipment acquisition and personnel policy to cyber security and counter violent extremism.

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    Crime and Justice Research at RAND Europe

    Using evidence-based analysis to help inform policymaking both in the UK and internationally, RAND Europe offers insights into a variety of issues from the size of illicit markets to how to tackle serious organised crime and reoffending.

  • Busy manager working in corparation and eating lunch

    Workplace Well-being Research at RAND Europe

    Our researchers help to improve effective decisionmaking by organizations and policymakers on a wide range of workplace well-being initiatives and explore the economic impacts of well-being at work.

  • empty desk

    Education Research at RAND Europe

    Researchers at RAND Europe explore how different policies can support learning at every stage of life, helping organizations and policymakers develop more effective education practices that are inclusive and equitable for all.

  • Center for Applied Network Analysis

    Center for Applied Network Analysis

    The Center for Applied Network Analysis applies rigorous network research methods to pressing policy challenges. This work provides important insights about the structural, contextual, and societal factors that influence physical, human, and organizational systems.

  • A poll worker disinfects booths after every use during early voting in Knoxville, Tennessee, July 17, 2020, photo by Cavin Mattheis/News Sentinel

    Conducting Safe Elections During a Pandemic

    There may be a continued need this fall for public health interventions—such as social distancing, reduced occupancy in indoor spaces, and aggressive sanitizing protocols—to limit the spread of COVID-19. How can the United States safely and securely hold its elections during this ongoing pandemic?

  • A map of the continental United States is shown with lines representing COVID-19 importation risk

    Tracking the Spread of COVID-19 with Air Travel Data

    As the pandemic enters a new phase, punctuated by emerging hot spots and continuing global spread, a new RAND tool lets policymakers predict regional risks of importing cases of COVID-19.

  • MOBILE, ALABAMA (May 6, 2010)  Aerial images of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill taken from a  US Coast Guard HC-144 aircraft. The flight was conducted primarily for media support and to plot the locations of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. US Navy Photo

    Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities

    The Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities (CRGC) assesses and addresses the social, economic, and public health impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico region. It was established in 2015 with a grant from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.

  • Smiling employees having meal in office lunchroom, photo by WavebreakMediaMicro/Adobe Stock

    Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey findings

    Absence and presenteeism accounts for an average of 38 days' lost productivity per employee per year, marking an upward trend in lost productivity since 2014, when the number was only 23 days.

  • Opioids Uncharted

    Opioids Uncharted: Mapping America's Opioid Crisis

    A RAND initiative to map the underexplored consequences of America's opioid crisis—and discover big-picture solutions.

  • Recovery freeway exit sign

    Evaluation of Drug and Alcohol "Payment by Results" Pilots

    RAND Europe conducted an independent evaluation of the UK Department of Health's drug and alcohol recovery payment-by-results pilots to determine whether market forces can encourage the development of better recovery programs.

  • Working on a computer

    Violent Extremism Evaluation Measurement (VEEM) Framework

    A key challenge in counter violent extremism evaluation is the lack of commonly agreed metrics to measure behavioural changes in people. RAND Europe researchers developed a web-based framework that lists behavioural categories, attributes, and suggested measurement tools.