Featured Projects

  •  Two Prominent Computer Engineers Working with Programming Software on Personal Computer. In the Background Scientifically Advanced Research Center.

    Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Research Engagement with China

    An independent and evidence-based study into UK academics' research engagement with China explored how and why UK academics engage with China on joint research activities with the goal of better understanding how UK research organizations manage any resulting risks.

  • A still from a powerful animated video created by RAND artists-in-residence Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre, known as V+J, to show how Russian propaganda spreads—and how it can influence its audience by entertaining, confusing, and overwhelming them.

    Russia's Propaganda Model

    RAND artists-in-residence Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre, known as V+J, created a powerful animated video to show how Russian propaganda spreads—and how it can influence its audience by entertaining, confusing, and overwhelming them.

  • A still frame from a short film created by artist-in-residence V+J. The video summarizes RAND’s 2021 paper on geoengineering as a tool to address global warming.

    The Risks of Geoengineering

    Geoengineering—the intentional manipulation of the climate—could help curb global warming, but it could also have world-altering consequences. In a new animated video, RAND artists-in-residence Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre take a lighthearted look at this serious issue.

  • paper dolls

    CalMHSA: Evaluation of California's Statewide Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Initiatives

    The RAND Corporation is evaluating California's statewide prevention and early intervention programs, which aim to reduce negative outcomes for people experiencing mental illness.

  • A historical map of Philadelphia showing the outlines of the 'redlined' neighborhoods determined by the Home Owners' Loan Corporation.

    Environmental Racism

    Past housing policies—such as redlining—have an enduring legacy on urban neighborhoods today, and have contributed to which communities enjoy more trees, less traffic, and better air quality, and which face hazards such as pollution, toxic waste sites, and flooding risk.

  • A still frame from a visual story created by V+J. The animation uses a “perpetual zoom” technique to immerse viewers in RAND research about vaccination equity, art by V+J

    Promoting Vaccination Equity

    RAND's analysis of the Equity-First Vaccination Initiative inspired Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre, the artist team known as V+J, to create a unique visual story about how to support equitable access to COVID-19 information and vaccinations.

  • Illustrated graph shows how Costa Rica could reach net-zero emissions by 2050 under its National Decarbonization Plan. Achieving net-zero emissions is estimated to create a net economic benefit of $40.9 billion, visualization by Gabrielle Mérite

    Costa Rica's Carbon-Neutral Future

    In her final piece for RAND Art + Data, Gabrielle Mérite brings one country's vision for a carbon-neutral future to life. Her designs are based on RAND research that analyzed the potential outcomes of Costa Rica's National Decarbonization Plan.

  • Photographic data visualization by Gabrielle Mérite representing the prices of brand-name drugs with real money on a blue background. For the same pill, the U.S cost is $10 while Germany and Canada’s cost would be $3.50, Japan's $3.25, the UK's $3.00 and Mexico's $2.75.

    Comparing International Prescription Drug Prices

    Prescription drug prices in the United States average 2.56 times those in 32 other nations. In a new animation, information designer Gabrielle Mérite illustrates this subject that may seem distant from American consumers but has a concrete impact on their health and finances.

  • A collage depicting the different voices, people, and generations that shape a community, illustration by Jonathan Key/Morcos Key

    What Does a Portrait of Community Stress Look Like?

    Just as it does in the human body, stress can build in a community over time, making it harder to respond to future traumas and crises. Design studio Morcos Key created a powerful animation that depicts community stress—and what can be done to overcome it.

  • ExpertLens: An Online Modified-Delphi Approach to Stakeholder Engagement and Expert Elicitation

    When making complex decisions, researchers and policymakers often seek the input of many stakeholders and individuals with varied perspectives. ExpertLens is an online, modified-Delphi application developed by research and programming experts at the RAND Corporation to help achieve these goals easily and cost effectively.

  • Two people embrace while sitting on a rocky shoreline and looking across the horizon, Antelias, Lebanon, May 2009, photo by Wael Morcos

    Crossing the Digital Divide: How Refugees Use Mobile Technology

    Morcos Key's second visualization for RAND Art + Data explores how millions of refugees around the world rely on technology—particularly mobile phones—for survival, to connect to the past, and for a chance at a better future.

  • An illustration visualizing a new 21st century workforce development system, artwork by Morcos Key

    A 21st-Century Workforce Development System

    Design studio Morcos Key created an animated illustration that envisions how America's workforce development system could be transformed to better support 21st-century workers, employers, and educators.

  • An art installation showing income inequality in the United States from 1975 to 2018, artwork by Giorgia Lupi

    Connecting the Dots on Income Inequality

    Based on RAND data, a physical installation created by information designer Giorgia Lupi shows income inequality in the United States over the last four decades. The sculpture also evokes the deeper societal ideas and meanings behind these numbers.

  • A visual showing how Internet of Bodies technologies may surround and influence us in the future, illustration by Giorgia Lupi

    Internet of Bodies: Our Connected Future

    Information designer Giorgia Lupi, RAND's inaugural artist-in-residence, produced a creative piece that explores questions about how the human body—and society on the whole—may be transformed through Internet of Bodies technology.

  • european flags on poles

    RAND Europe Improves Policy and Decision Making in Europe and Around the World

    RAND Europe is a not-for-profit research institute dedicated to helping improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. With offices in the UK and Belgium, its research portfolio complements RAND's and also includes choice modeling, evaluation, workplace wellbeing, and much more.

  • Russian Pantsir-SA missile and artillery weapon systems drive during the Victory Day Parade in Red Square in Moscow, Russia June 24, 2020, photo by Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

    Russia's Means of Global Influence

    Russia seeks to influence global policy through arms sales, the use of private military contractors, political interventions, social media and disinformation campaigns, and military force. A RAND project examines the workings of these levers of influence.

  • A composite image of the neighborhoods of Homewood and Hill District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Illustration by YaMomzHouse and Haley Okuley / RAND Corporation

    How Does Neighborhood Investment Affect Residents' Health and Well-Being?

    RAND's PHRESH project has been studying how investments in two Pittsburgh neighborhoods affect diet, sleep, health, and well-being. We've learned that when residents are involved in decisions, communities can become healthier and happier.

  • Staff Sgt. Sharonica White completes a deadlift repetition during the U.S. Army Japan 2020 Army Week's Army Combat Fitness Test Fitness Warrior Competition at Camp Zama, Japan, June 8, 2020, photo by Winifred Brown/U.S. Army

    What Do We Know About the Health and Well-Being of U.S. Service Members?

    RAND experts have analyzed data from the Department of Defense's flagship survey for understanding the health, health behaviors, and well-being of service members. The results provide valuable insights across various health-related topics and about personnel by service branch.

  • A woman reads the news on her phone, photo by fizkes/Getty Images

    Truth Decay: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

    The United States is experiencing an era of "Truth Decay"—the line between fact and fiction is becoming blurred. What's causing this phenomenon? And what can be done to counter it?

  • An illustration of human hands holding various smart devices, image by zubada/Getty Images

    Explore Truth Decay Research and Commentary by Topic

    From how disinformation spreads online to Americans' trust in democratic institutions, RAND researchers are studying a wide range of topics related to Truth Decay—the diminishing role of facts in U.S. public life.