An Evening with RAND

An Evening with RAND is an event series that highlights accomplishments RAND has made thanks to the support of individual donors and foundations.

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Recent Events in the Series

November 14, 2019

Santa Monica, CA

RAND President and CEO Michael D. Rich and the RAND Corporation Board of Trustees hosted an evening of appreciation to celebrate the impact of philanthropy at RAND. A series of videos presented at the event show how RAND is using philanthropic support to improve people's lives.

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p201911_03, event, reception
p201911_03, event, reception
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April 10, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA

An Evening with RAND was held on April 10, 2019 at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. The event brought together Pittsburgh-area leaders to discuss the current state of the opioid crisis and examine ways RAND researchers are working to help society understand the full scope of the crisis.

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  • RAND physician policy researcher Tisamarie Sherry discusses the U.S. opioid crisis at a RAND event in Pittsburgh, April 10, 2019, photo by Michael Reed Photography


    A Holistic Approach to Solving the Opioid Crisis

    While federal, state and, local governments deploy strategies to tackle the opioid crisis, the problem continues to proliferate. RAND researchers suggest that these strategies fail to solve the larger problem because they've largely been developed in silos. The opioid crisis is an ecosystem, and mitigating the problem will require a holistic approach.

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