Gulf States Publications on Safety and Justice

RAND publishes many reports and articles on the topic of public safety and justice. This page lists those publications that are related to the states of the Gulf Coast region.


  • Evaluation of the Shreveport Predictive Policing Experiment July 1, 2014

    Priscillia Hunt, Jessica Saunders, John S. Hollywood

    This report documents an assessment of a predictive policing effort that was conducted to evaluate the crime reduction effects of policing guided by statistical predictions. In addition to a basic appraisal of the process, the report shows the crime impacts and costs directly attributable to the strategy in order to provide a fuller picture for police departments considering if and how a predictive policing strategy should be adopted.


  • First Year Evaluation of the Caruth Police Institute at Dallas May 2, 2011

    Robert C. Davis

    In March 2009, the Dallas Police Department (DPD) began a unique partnership with two local universities, the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Dallas: The Caruth Police Institute (CPI) provides officer training and serves as the DPD's research and problem-solving arm. This report examines the extent to which CPI is meeting its goals, obstacles to implementation, and how CPI has responded to these challenges.