OPTIC Multimedia


One of OPTIC’s goals is to improve policymaking and the effectiveness of opioid policies by enhancing opioid policy science. As part of that effort, OPTIC presents webinars discussing methodological work, potential solutions, and practice guidelines that may be helpful to researchers examining the effects of state policies and initiatives.

Presentations at National Meetings

OPTIC researchers are also presenting relevant talks and courses at national meetings discussing opioid policy science data and methods with the research field. These video recordings are made available by the meeting hosts.

Addiction Health Services Research (AHSR) Workshops

Workshop on Practical Considerations for Estimating Moderated and Mediated Effects in Substance Use Research

Beth Ann Griffin and Megan Schuler discuss notable methodological developments for mediation and moderation analyses to improve researchers’ ability to conduct robust analyses using data from observational and randomized studies in substance use research.

Methods Workshop on State Opioid Policy Analyses

Beth Ann Griffin and Megan Schuler discuss the commonly used linear difference-in-difference model and then subsequently discuss difference-in-difference extensions and alternative approaches (i.e., autoregressive models, non-linear models, doubly robust methods, synthetic controls).

Data Workshop on Data Issues to Consider When Conducting Analysis of State Opioid Policies

Rosalie Liccardo Pacula and Rosanna Smart discuss commonly used definitions for various state policies related to opioids, discuss how differences in assumptions regarding the meaning of "effective date" can have important implications regarding the likelihood of finding an impact through analysis, and discuss the importance of considering multiple policy domains.