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The OPTIC Searchable Literature Review Library allows researchers and policymakers to search opioid policy literature by topic, policies, and outcomes. This library contains articles included in a literature review completed by a team of OPTIC researchers in 2019. Peer-reviewed articles were included if they evaluated a state- or federal-level opioid-related policy and report at least one opioid-related outcome and were published between 2005-2018.

The library’s search function allows users to quickly search by keywords. Advanced search options include results filtered by type of policy and/or type of outcome. After searching, the list of results is narrowed, and results are listed in chronological order with the most recent first. Each result shows the article title, authors, publication journal and year. Clicking on a result title will redirect the user to the article’s PubMed page or source online.

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Last modified December 31, 2018

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