RAND Health Advisory Services

Cutting-Edge Research. Innovative Solutions.

RAND Health Advisory Services (RHAS) develops meaningful, innovative, and practical solutions for companies and associations that navigate the evolving health-care environment—particularly the transition from “pay-for-volume” to “pay-for-value.”

RHAS leverages the vast expertise of RAND Health Care, the world's largest independent health policy research organization.

What We Offer

World-Class Expertise

RHAS draws from RAND's staff of 800 researchers, 88 percent of whom have advanced degrees and 60 percent of whom have Ph.D.'s or M.D.'s.

Our experts, who excel in their respective fields and interdisciplinary work, represent a diverse range of technical backgrounds: economics, policy analysis, medicine, biostatistics, mathematics, engineering, sociology, psychology, and survey research.

We also enlist RAND's affiliated staff of more than 400 individuals, which includes clinicians in all specialties and subspecialties.

Our staff has extensive experience with real-world data analysis, policy evaluation, technology assessment, and more. We publish more than 300 reports and peer-reviewed articles in leading medical and policy journals each year.

Superior Client Service

We customize innovative solutions to serve our clients' needs and execute projects swiftly to meet real-world time constraints. Our teams emphasize continuous collaboration and communication with clients throughout projects.

Unmatched Credibility

For more than 60 years, RAND has been synonymous with rigorous, unbiased research and analysis. We are a trusted partner to governments, businesses, and foundations worldwide.

RHAS adheres to RAND's renowned quality standards. We distill our objective, accurate, and rigorous research and analysis into accessible findings and recommendations that help decisionmakers take action knowing they have the best information at hand.

Standards for High-Quality Research and Analysis

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