Health care consumes a growing share of the wealth of nations. This trend cannot continue indefinitely. As payers of health care, governments, insurers, and employers must navigate expanding treatment options, the needs of an aging population, and demanding consumers—all under real-world budget constraints.

To ensure access to quality care for future generations and create value for stakeholders, payers must decrease waste, eliminate unnecessary care, and improve population health effectively.

The most likely path to this goal is a transition from volume- to value-based payment systems that (a) hold providers and suppliers accountable for meeting cost and quality targets and (b) encourage consumers to make smart choices in medical care and lifestyle.

RHAS Capabilities

Quantitative Research

  • Program evaluation
  • Comparative effectiveness research
  • Economic modeling
  • Simulation modeling
  • Real-world data analysis

Qualitative Research

  • Expert consultation
  • Policy analysis

Measurement and Reporting Tools

  • Key performance indicators
  • Patient-reported outcomes

Business Solutions

  • Value-based payment models
  • Gain-sharing arrangements

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