Publications on Health Care Costs

RAND Health Care has been analyzing major issues related to public and private financing of health care since the program? inception in 1968. An early landmark study in this body of work is the RAND Health Insurance Experiment, still the largest health policy study in U.S. history. RAND work in this research area includes the organization and regulation of health care markets, the effects of population health on public financing, cost-effective allocation of private and public financing, and distributional issues in health and health care associated with health care financing, among others.






  • Borrowing for the Cure: Debt Financing of Breakthrough Treatments 2015

    Soeren Mattke, Emily Hoch

    This paper offers a research-grounded perspective on innovative financing mechanisms to facilitate access to expensive yet highly effective breakthrough medical treatments. The authors outline the scope of the problem; describe several policy and market options, including bond financing and linking repayment to real-world value generation; and describe real-world applications.