Alpha 2 Test

Through its information gathering and consensus development activities, the RAND team identified several data elements representing each of the assessment domains that could be considered for inclusion in a core set of standardized data elements but were in need of further testing to establish cross-setting assessment feasibility.

An initial set of data elements within the assessment domains were tested in Alpha 1 period, between August 2016 and October 2016. We are evaluating a second set of data elements for feasibility and interrater reliability in the current Alpha 2 Test. These data elements represent the "cream of the crop" across the specified domains, and reflect the results of our literature review, input from experts and key stakeholders via focus groups, interviews, advisory meetings, and an expert panel, as well as findings from the Alpha 1 test.

The Alpha 2 test field period occurs over 10 weeks from late April through the end of June 2017. The test is being conducted at 15 facilities (4 HHAs, 4 SNFs, 4 IRFs, and 3 LTCHs) across 3 U.S. markets (Denver, Houston, and Chicago).