The Partners in Care Study Instruments

These measures were fielded as part of “Partners in Care,” an AHRQ-funded Patient Outcomes Research Team (PORT-II), Kenneth Wells, PI. A core set of measures for this study was developed in coordination and collaboration with the NIMH-funded cooperative agreement to test depression practice guidelines in primary care, Lisa Rubenstein, Daniel Ford, and Kathryn Rost, PIs. The versions of the CIDI 2.0 used in Partners in Care were provided by the World Health Organization (Gavin Andrews, CIDI measures chair for WHO). For Partners in Care, Lisa Meredith coordinated physician measures, Cathy Sherbourne coordinated patient measures, Roland Sturm developed the economic and social costs measure, Lisa Rubenstein coordinated development of all intervention methods and measures, and Brian Mittman developed the organizational administrative surveys.

Partners in Care Public Use Data Files

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After reviewing the Use Agreement, researchers must complete the Partners in Care Public Use files registration form in order to access the data. After the online form is completed and submitted, users will be able to download the data.

Partners in Care Public Use Agreement