Hospital Price Transparency Study

Modern hospital facade, photo by peterspiro/Getty Images

U.S. employers spend billions of dollars on health care services. However, a lack of information limits the ability of employers to monitor the prices negotiated on their behalf, to implement innovative insurance benefit designs, and to ensure insurers are negotiating favorable prices. If employers have access to the information on prices needed to be better-informed customers, they can do a better job shopping for health care on behalf of their employees.

To demystify hospital pricing, RAND researchers embarked a three-part study:

  • Pilot (Round 1): Examined hospital prices in Indiana
  • Round 2: Expanded to an analysis of hospital prices in 25 states
  • Round 3: Expanded to include price data from hospitals in all 50 states
  • Round 4: Further expansion to include price data from additional hospitals.

Interested in Participating?

We are currently recruiting employers to participate in Round 5. If you or your company are interested, please use the form on the Contact Us page to express your interest.

To learn more about participating in the hospital price transparency study, visit our Round 4 FAQ page.