Spanish Conversion Item Banks and Short Forms for Daily Smokers

The Smoking Assessment Toolkit Spanish Conversion item banks and short forms for daily smokers are available for download free of charge. Development and evaluation of the Spanish translation will be reported in a forthcoming manuscript.

If you plan to use these Spanish conversion tools in your research, please send a notification for our records to In addition to your name, affiliation, and contact information, include a brief description of your intended use of the tools (e.g., population, sample size, study context).

Nicotine Dependence, Spanish Conversion

Assesses cravings or withdrawal that occurs upon brief cessation of smoking, smoking temptations, compulsive use, and tolerance.

Example item: “Me parece casi insoportable quedarme sin cigarrillos.”

Coping Expectancies, Spanish Conversion

These items assess smokers' tendency to use smoking as a means of coping with negative affect and stress.

Example item: “Dependo del cigarrillo para lidiar con el estrés.”

Emotional and Sensory Expectancies, Spanish Conversion

Items in this bank include perceptions of improved cognitive abilities, positive affective states, and pleasurable sensorimotor sensations due to smoking.

Example item: “Me siento mejor después de fumarme un cigarrillo.”

Health Expectancies, Spanish Conversion

This bank assesses smokers' perceptions of current and long-term health consequences of smoking.

Example item: “Fumar me está robando años de vida.”

Psychosocial Expectancies, Spanish Conversion

Items in this bank reflect feelings of social disapproval of smoking, normative values associated with smoking, and negative beliefs about appearance when smoking.

Example item: “Las personas tienen una opinión menos favorable de mí si me ven fumando.”

Social Motivations, Spanish Conversion

This bank assesses the expected social benefit of smoking and the social cues that induce cigarette craving.

Example item: “Fumar hace que me sienta mejor en situaciones sociales.”

Companion Items to Assess Smoking and Quitting Behavior, Spanish Conversion

This collection of items was used by the PROMIS Smoking Initiative to assess general smoking behavior and quitting history. Although they are not part of the toolkit, they are a useful means of characterizing smokers. We provide them here mainly for convenience, but also to facilitate more standard assessment of these basic smoking characteristics.

Example item: "Durante los últimos 30 días, ¿cuántos días fumaste cigarrillos?"