Chronic Care Model Toolkit and Coaching Manual

Integrating Chronic Care and Business Strategies in the Safety Net

A toolkit for helping safety net practices implement the Chronic Care Model.

Improving care for chronically ill patients is one of most pressing health needs. To help in this effort, RAND collaborated with the MacColl Institute for Health Care Innovation at Group Health and the California Healthcare Safety Net Institute to develop a toolkit to help safety net organizations implement the Chronic Care Model (CCM) effectively. The toolkit provides small healthcare practice teams a step-by-step practical approach and ready access to tools to redesign their care systems for improving quality of chronic illness care.

Chronic Care Model toolkit at

A Practice Coaching Manual

A companion coaching manual has been developed and is available for the public.

Recognizing that medical practices often need flexible, hands-on support when redesigning their care, "A Practice Coaching Manual" provides instructions and materials to support teams using our toolkit, "Integrating Chronic Care and Business Strategies in the Safety Net."

A Practice Coaching Manual at

"A Practice Coaching Manual" and its companion toolkit were prepared for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality through a partnership of RAND, Group Health's MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, and the California Health Care Safety Net Institute under one of the RAND Accelerating Change and Transformation in Organizations and Networks (ACTION) projects. The project was led by Drs. Shinyi Wu and Marjorie Pearson.

ACTION Fact Sheet (PDF) at AHRQ

Improving Chronic Illness Care, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, created the Chronic Care Model to help refocus health care on keeping an individual as healthy as possible. An interdisciplinary team from RAND and the University of California at Berkeley conducted a four-year Improving Chronic Illness Care Evaluation (ICICE) of three early Chronic Illness Care Collaboratives.