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Developing tools for improving health is part of the ongoing commitment of RAND Health Care to translate research into real-world solutions. We give individuals, organizations, and government the tools to help them define—and tackle—their own challenges.

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    Mental Health Systems Solutions Explorer

    This tool, designed by RAND researchers, helps connect mental health systems, policy leaders, and decisionmakers with resources and evidence-based solutions that could help transform the complex mental health landscape in the United States.

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    Interactive Tool for Strategizing Hospital Critical Care Capacity

    RAND developed an interactive tool to help hospitals in the United States estimate current critical care capacity and rapidly explore strategies for increasing it.

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    ExpertLens: An Online Approach to Stakeholder Engagement and Expert Elicitation

    When making complex decisions, researchers and policymakers often seek the input of many stakeholders and individuals with varied perspectives. ExpertLens is an online application developed by research and programming experts at the RAND Corporation to help achieve these goals easily and cost effectively.

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    Helpers in Plain Sight: Implementing Mental Health Task Sharing

    The United States is facing a mental health crisis, but many people who need treatment never get it. Task sharing — training the staff of community-based organizations to provide some mental health support — can be part of the solution.

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    Create Your Own Hospital Ratings

    The Personalized Hospital Performance Report Card lets you review, customize, and compare hospitals across the United States. Create your own custom ratings based on the hospital performance areas that are most important to you.

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    RAND OPTIC Policy Center Literature Library

    The OPTIC Policy Center Literature Library allows researchers and policymakers to search opioid policy literature by topic, policies, and outcomes.

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