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Emerging Results

We are currently analyzing data we have collected from health care organizations, patients, and medical records for the evaluation. Although our analyses are not yet complete, we want to make our emerging results available to those involved in QI efforts. Below we present summaries of our emerging results, categorized by the main research question they address (see “About the Study”). These findings are preliminary and have not yet been peer reviewed. They cannot be cited or quoted without permission of the author.

Are organizations enrolled in the Collaborative able to make significant changes in their systems for delivering chronic illness care?

Sustainability and Spread of Chronic Illness Care Improvement

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Chronic Care Model (CCM) Implementation Emphases

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What organizational and team factors are associated with successful change efforts?

The Relationship between Non-Racial Diversity in Team Composition and Performance and Creativity in a Chronic Illnness Care Quality Improvement Intervention

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Does successful implementation of the Chronic Care Model lead to better processes and outcomes of care?

Do Collaborative Quality Improvement Programs Reduce Cardiovascular Risk for Persons with Diabetes?

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