HSRD Fellows

Department of Homeland Security

Each year the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and RAND select a small number of senior DHS personnel to work and study for up to a year at the RAND Corporation. RAND is a leading public policy research organization that conducts rigorous, objective analysis using advanced analytic techniques to support foundational fact finding, policy and analysis, and program evaluation, and also operates the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center, the Federally-Funded Research & Development Center (FFRDC) for DHS. The DHS-RAND Fellowship seeks to:

Develop Leadership: Develop emerging government leaders with the strategic analysis and planning skills needed to meet the challenges of an organization with a complex mission set;

Achieve DHS Missions: Help achieve DHS's missions and evidence-based decisionmaking by integrating applicable operational concepts into cutting-edge research, analysis, and evaluation with renowned RAND researchers on critical homeland and national security issues;

Build Partnerships with Expert Communities: Strengthen partnerships with leading researchers in homeland security;

Foster Innovation: Support the innovations needed to better manage finite DHS resources.

The Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation administers the selection process for DHS. The selection committee makes the final decision based on the application package and weighs each item equally. The application deadline is May 13, 2022. The selection committee is composed of representatives from the offices of Program Analysis and Evaluation (MGMT/OCFO) and RAND. Contact the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security at randfellowship@hq.dhs.gov for more detailed information on this process.


Coast Guard

Each year the U.S. Coast Guard selects officers in the grade of O-5/O-6 to attend Senior Service Schools, of which RAND is one. The Coast Guard sends officers to these programs to develop senior leaders with the strategic thinking and planning skills needed to meet the challenges of our present missions and to prepare the Coast Guard for the future, to provide superior public service across all missions, to form effective partnerships inside and outside the service, and to support the innovations needed to more effectively and efficiently manage Coast Guard resources.