Disaster Research and Analysis Program

Through research and analysis, the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC) supports DHS and its components to increase the effectiveness of funding and timeliness of activities associated with disaster recovery activities through the development of rigorous tools, methodologies, and economic analysis.

Program Director

What We Do

  • Disaster Cost Analyses

    HSOAC supports DHS by providing and validating cost estimates and developing estimating methodologies related to disaster response, recovery, and resilience. We provide analysis on the cost-effectiveness of programmatic and investment decisions at the operations level as well as cost-benefit analysis of programs and policies affecting recovery operations.

  • Economics of Disasters

    HSOAC draws on decades of RAND economic expertise to provide forecast analysis and modeling examining location-specific price changes over time in areas such as building materials, equipment, and labor. We also develop assessments to understand the impact of disasters on the economy and to inform disaster recovery resource allocation.

  • Data-mining and Machine Learning for Disasters

    HSOAC applies new and innovative tools and methods to existing data assets to increase efficiency in data analysis vital to effective DHS pre- and post-disaster operations.

  • Policy and Schedule Analyses

    To support DHS decisionmaking related to Response and Recovery, HSOAC provides valuable analysis of the effectiveness of existing, new, and alternative procedures and policies that govern disaster response and recovery operations. We also conduct analysis of program schedules and critical paths for recovery to support efficient policy implementation.

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