Personnel and Resources Program

Through research and analysis, the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC) supports DHS and its components to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by conducting studies related to personnel, resources, and management issues.

What We Do

  • Workforce Analysis

    HSOAC helps DHS and its components analyze the size and composition of its workforce, developing staffing models based on analytical approaches such as process mapping, business case analysis, and quantitative analysis. HSOAC also assists with assessment of workforce structure, including the mixture of government employee and contractor workforces.

  • Recruiting and Retention

    HSOAC draws on decades of RAND expertise supporting military and civilian agencies with recruiting and retention analysis, focusing on eligibility, propensity, and the costs and tradeoffs of potential recruiting strategies.

  • Training, Education, and Leadership Development

    HSOAC helps DHS components to align education and training with the Department’s authorities, strategies, and missions, as well as to optimize the allocation of scarce resources to education and training functions. HSOAC also helps DHS identify and develop leaders across the Department and its components.

  • Programming and Budgetary Analysis

    HSOAC assists the Department and its components with the planning, programming, and budgetary process, as well as with research focused on narrower questions of resource allocation and utilization.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    HSOAC studies diversity issues across the homeland security enterprise, leveraging a broad array of research methodologies such as surveys, focus groups, and quantitative analysis of recruiting, retention and management data. Our analyses examine how gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and other traits relate to recruiting, retention, workforce management, and operational effectiveness.

  • Workforce Health and Safety

    HSOAC helps DHS assess and improve programs and activities that support the health, safety, and resilience of personnel across the homeland security enterprise.

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