The Asia Pacific Fellows Program

The RAND Center for Asia-Pacific Policy (CAPP) is accepting applications for the Asia-Pacific (AP) Fellows Program. Selected AP Fellows typically spend 12 months in residence at RAND, during which time they will work on a pre-approved research project and take two elective courses at the Pardee RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica.

Who is Eligible?

The AP Fellows Program is intended to benefit mid-tier to senior-tier career professionals looking to improve their research competence. Preferred candidates will have a minimum of a master's degree and a proven ability to conduct independent and objective social scientific policy research. They must display relevant experience. Examples include a strong background in academia, government, the military, nonprofit work or the private sector. All applicants must be sponsored by their employing organization. Candidates are welcome from all countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Applicants may focus their research on any substantive policy area that RAND does work on, including civil justice, education, environmental affairs, healthcare, infrastructure, labor and population issues, national and homeland security, and science and technology.

The AP Fellowship Experience

AP Fellows spend one year in residence at RAND. In exceptional cases, a six-month residency may be approved, though not less. Longer periods will also be considered, but no more than two years.

While in residence, AP Fellows will be provided with office space to conduct their research and writing, computing and telephone access, and administrative support. Fellows will be paired with a RAND analyst who will assist them for networking and outreach within RAND and in the broader policy communities of Santa Monica, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, or Boston; and provide feedback on the fellow's own research.

AP Fellows will be expected to present their work to the RAND analytic community at both interim and final stages of the fellowship, and write a final report.

Application Requirements

Reviews of applications take place throughout the year. A complete application package includes

  1. A one page candidate biography plus photo.
  2. A curriculum vitae or resume highlighting the candidate’s education, work experience, and other relevant particulars including research languages and areas of functional expertise (not to exceed three pages)
  3. A two-page description of the proposed topic of inquiry and research plan, which should include a description of the likely impact of the candidate's research, a plan for dissemination and publication, an explanation of why the candidate sees RAND as a desirable venue to conduct the proposed study, and a choice of preferred RAND office to work from (Santa Monica; Washington, D.C.; Pittsburgh; or Boston)
  4. A statement from the candidate’s sponsoring organization (employer), committing the requisite financial support..*

*Fees for the program depend on the research project and duration of stay.