Tang Institute for U.S.-China Relations

The Tang Institute for U.S.-China Relations

The Tang Institute seeks to enhance the understanding of relations between the U.S. and China, and between China and other nations. To accomplish this, the institute supports research on issues such as trade and investment, intellectual property, manufacturing and division of labor, currency, and China's relations with the region.

Endowed with a generous gift from the Cyrus and Michael Tang Foundation, the Tang Institute is part of the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy.  The Tang Institute also houses the Tang Chair in China Policy Studies.

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Making an Impact

There are several ways the institute addresses its mission. These include:

  • developing new research and policy initiatives
  • disseminating RAND’s China-related research through translation into Chinese
  • participating in forums for dialogue and exchange
  • maintaining RAND’s Chinese language website

Since its launch in 2012, readers have downloaded copies of translated reports more than a quarter of a million times from RAND's Chinese language website.

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Addressing Policy Challenges

The Tang Institute has funded several research studies that explore new ways of understanding China, its pressing policy challenges, and its relations with the U.S. and other countries. Here are a few of the policy challenges addressed and the RAND projects that aim to answer them.

Questions Research Projects
Can Eurasia become a viable economic and trading region? Studies of the Belt and Road Initiative
How well does China’s reformed health insurance system address citizens’ needs? China’s Health Insurance Reforms and Health Care Utilization and Costs for the Elderly
As Chinese companies globalize, how effective are their growth strategies? Mapping Networks of Cross-border Business Ties in the Pacific Rim
What are China’s evolving national security capabilities? China’s Approach to Strategic Deterrence

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