Creating an Innovation System for Knowledge City

An artists rendering of
"Knowledge City" in Guangdong
Province, China

Beginning in 2009, the Tang Institute for U.S.-China Relations has supported RAND’s efforts to create awareness of RAND in China. Through these efforts, RAND focused on Guangdong Province and ways in which RAND could provide assistance there. In March 2011, Guangzhou Development District (GDD) awarded RAND its first contract in Guangdong to help create a system to encourage innovation within a new city that is intended to attract innovative industries and their associated knowledge workers - Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City.

RAND worked with GDD to develop an outline of strategic plan to set them on a path toward creating conditions in Knowledge City that are conducive to innovation and the commercialization of new technologies. The plan identifies specific actions that GDD should undertake in three broad areas: attracting and retaining high-technology companies and enabling their growth; attracting and retaining highly skilled, innovative workforce; and ensuring the availability of innovation-oriented financing. The GDD has announced steps to implement RAND's recommendations.

The project has issued two reports, both in English and Chinese.

  • Project

    Strategies for Building an Innovation System for China's Knowledge City

    Knowledge City is a planned environmentally and technologically advanced city in China's Guangzhou Development District. RAND worked with GDD to outline a set of strategies to help the city attract and retain high-tech firms and workers and to ensure the availability of innovation-oriented financing.

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