The RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP) serves as a focal point for multidisciplinary research and programming related to Middle East policy issues. CMEPP brings together analytic excellence and regional expertise from across the RAND Corporation to address the most critical political, social, and economic challenges facing the region. The CMEPP advisory board provides critical strategic guidance and generous philanthropic support for RAND's Middle East experts and research.

Featured Publications

  • RAND's Impact in the Middle East

    Provides an overview of RAND's impact in the Middle East in the areas of supporting youth, health and health care, education, energy and environment, labor market reform and private-sector development, capacity-building, and planning for the future.

  • RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy

    Provides a brief overview of the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy, including its mission, its staff and leadership, and the role of its advisory board.

Get Involved

RAND is a nonprofit organization that relies on philanthropic support to reach beyond the scope of client-sponsored work to tackle the questions that may be too big, too complex, or too new for our government clients to address. We offer a variety of ways for donors to get involved and make a difference through their support for RAND.

Your gift to the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy enables us to tackle the biggest issues facing the Middle East and work to improve policy between the United States and countries in the region. For more information about philanthropic opportunities with the CMEPP, please contact: Kaci Silverman, Director of Development, at Kaci_Silverman@rand.org or (310) 393-0411, ext. 6345.