IMEY Discussion Board

The RAND Initiative on Middle Eastern Youth, under the direction of Dr. Cheryl Benard, is proud to unveil the Youth Deradicalization Message Board.

This password protected discussion board has been created for research and development professionals and is intended to be used for the collection of relevant research and information regarding youth deradicalization, as it pertains to prevention of terrorism. The RAND Initiative for Middle Eastern Youth is confident that this posting will provide a forum for the collection of relevant information regarding current thinking on the root causes of youth radicalization, effective engagement and disengagement models (perspectives, approaches, policies, and programs) and novel approaches to understanding the issue overall. This forum will allow policy makers and academic members, to engage in proactive collaboration regarding youth and terrorism. Discussion board members are encouraged to post works in progress, relevant articles and forthcoming conferences and events.

By providing a forum for the posting of information and documents, as well as interactive feedback, IMEY hopes not only to keep everyone informed of research activities, but also allow members to benefit from shared input. For obtain information about joining this group, contact Kristen Cordell, Research Assistant, at Also, feel free to forward this information to colleagues who are also involved in this topic.

The new IMEY Discussion Board, including instructions for registering, are provided at: Once registered, access to the complete discussion board will be provided and confirmed via email within one business day.