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July 21, 2016


RAND Launches Arabic-Language Website

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The RAND Corporation has launched an Arabic-language website to bring its research reports to the Arabic-speaking world.

Plans call for the website, www.rand.org/ar, to include more than 200 RAND reports translated into Arabic over the coming years. The reports will include those selected as being of most interest to the Arabic-speaking world, as well as those focused on issues in the Middle East. The reports cover topics such as education policy, international affairs, health care and regional governance.

The goal of the project is to share the findings of RAND research and analysis with key policymakers and the general public in the Middle East. RAND's research and analysis will help leaders in the region make more-informed decisions around key areas that are affecting citizens.

“RAND has long made our reports and other research products available for free download on our website,” said Michael D. Rich, RAND president and CEO. “With this project, we offer Arabic-speaking policymakers and citizens access to RAND's objective analysis and evidence-based insights in their own language. We are pleased to be able to respond to the region's interest in sound policy ideas and solutions across a range of critical issue areas.”

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