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RAND's work on domestic issues in the Middle East helps decisionmakers better understand how to tackle their biggest challenges and build capacity in ways that will make their societies safer, smarter, and more prosperous. Our experts attempt to answer important questions related to education, employment, health and healthcare, and more.

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    Family Is Greatest Factor That Causes Youth to Reject Violent Extremism

    Cragin, et al.

    Family influence is more important than peer groups in dampening a young person's propensity toward becoming a terrorist. Policies aimed at undermining radicalization should include teaching parents how to discuss detrimental messages on social media, as well as building programs to strengthen families' influence on youth and ties to communities.

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    A New Middle East: Rhodes Scholars, Not Radicals

    United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba visited RAND to discuss what he sees as the UAE's progress as an emerging power in the Middle East and a reliable ally of the West. Despite threats to the region, the next generation of young people is spreading a culture of optimism, opportunity, and openness.

  • Commentary

    Countering Extremism: Early Childhood Education Forgotten

    Karam, et al.

    Global attention has turned to education as a way to counter extremism. But what has been missing from the conversation is a focus on learning in children's first years, when much brain development occurs. In the Middle East and North Africa, government underinvestment in formal programs for young children is the norm.

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    The Future of Health Care in Iraq's Kurdistan Region

    Moore, et al.

    Focusing on primary care, experts conducted a year-long analysis of the health care system of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Recommendations for implementation and financing, as well as utilization of resources to improve the quality, access, effectiveness, and efficiency of primary care are included.

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    Signs of New Life in Northern Iraq

    For a region that has seen decades of strife, Kurdistan is emerging as “the other Iraq,” a place where progress is marked by the opening of new shopping malls and the pouring of concrete at countless construction sites.

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    Calculating the Gross Regional Product of the Kurdistan Region — Iraq

    Abramzon, et al.

    The annual calculation of the gross regional product (GRP) is a critical indicator as the Kurdistan Regional Government seeks to develop comprehensive and reliable statistics on the Kurdistan Region — Iraq (KRI) as it charts a course toward peace and prosperity.

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