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RAND conducts innovative studies in health care reform, information technology, health care financing, and public health initiatives. Our aim is to help clients enhance the quality, comprehensiveness, and cost-effectiveness of their health care policies.

  • Research Brief

    A Toolkit to Help Hospitals Improve Quality of Care

    Quality of care in hospitals is a significant problem. However, researchers have developed a toolkit that outlines steps designed to help hospitals calculate desired rates for quality indicators, set priorities for improvement, develop specific strategies and goals, implement these strategies, and sustain improvements.

  • Journal Article

    Retail Clinics Now Providing Millions of Vaccinations Annually

    Retail clinics—which provide health care within supermarkets, pharmacies, and stores—are a promising and popular venue for the promotion and administration of vaccinations. However, they could become more viable by reviewing patient histories and providing counsel about vaccination benefits.

  • Report

    More Transparency, Efficiency Needed to Improve Impact of HIV Funding in Developing Countries

    With the need for HIV services in developing countries rising and the availability of funding flat or declining, existing resources should be better leveraged to help provide life-saving services to more people in need.

  • Research Brief

    How Does the Private Health Sector Affect Access and Equity in Developing Countries?

    Researchers analyzed data on child and maternal health care use from 34 African countries and found that private sector participation in the health care system is associated with increased access to health care facilities and reduced disparities in care.

  • Event

    Is Los Angeles County Prepared for California's Edible Food Recovery Mandate?

    Under a new state law, by 2025 California must reduce its organic waste by 75 percent and recover at least 20 percent of edible food that would otherwise have been disposed of. How prepared is Los Angeles County for this new mandate? Join us for a presentation of the key findings from a RAND study, followed by a discussion and Q&A with experts in food recovery. [Virtual]