Interactive Map of Global Research on Social and Economic Policy

RAND conducts research on a wide range of social and economic policy issues around the world. This map highlights work our researchers have done in the last decade in countries other than the United States.

Choose a Country

Click on a country to learn more about social and economic policy work conducted by Pardee RAND students and RAND researchers.

A list of research with links will appear below the map.

RAND conducts research on most countries around the world. Click on a country below for descriptions of and links to social and economic policy research focusing on countries other than the United States. (Note: to display the list as an interactive map, view this page on a tablet or larger screen.)

Countries highlighted in gold are those where RAND has conducted research. Click on any of these countries for descriptions of and links to RAND and Pardee RAND work.

To zoom in or out on the map, click the [+] or [–] icons. You can also click, hold, and drag your mouse to see other parts of the globe.

Last updated: July 12, 2023