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Building safe, sustainable, and resilient communities

JIE tackles some of the most critical issues facing today’s policymakers: building robust and resilient environments, strengthening a fair and effective justice system, and the impact of innovation in science and technology. About us »

Informing the Agenda

JIE works with the public and private sector, across multiple disciplines to find solutions to complex policy problems.

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This wide range of expertise gives us the tools and perspective to make connections across disciplines, to synthesize and solve the most challenging policy questions today.


We focus on critical issues in regionalism, such as the creation of innovation districts, development of regional infrastructure plans, implementation of regional energy plans, and the role of appellate courts.


Our work considers the tradeoffs of regulation and deregulation across a range of industries and sectors, such as choices in the regulation of new technologies or energy markets.


We explore issues in governance, such as in the local implementation of resilience and sustainability plans, stewardship of big data, and use of police review boards and other accountability mechanisms to strengthen police-community trust.

Civil Society Reform

We are invested in the role of civil society, including the use of citizen-guided technologies to support public safety or to apply citizen science to local problem-solving; expectations for the for-profit and nonprofit sectors in disaster response and recovery; and the leadership of the private sector in technology development.

Making a Difference

We are committed to not just being a leader in justice, infrastructure, and environment research, but in ensuring that our work has a positive impact on the world.

  • Solution

    Creating Policies to Get Los Angeles Moving

    The Los Angeles area has the most severe traffic congestion in the United States, and trends suggest that it will continue to worsen in the coming years. RAND transport experts proposed efficient and equitable policy strategies for mitigating congestion.

  • Solution

    Improving Workers' Compensation Policies for Workers, Businesses, Government

    Many state workers' compensation systems face significant challenges as medical and administrative costs have risen. California sought RAND advice in improving its system to save both public and private funds, while also improving the quality of care for injured workers.

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