Supply Chain Policy Center Activities and Engagement

The SCPC brings together the experience and operational expertise of leaders in the international economy with the analytical rigor and policy focus of the RAND Corporation to address key issues in freight transportation facing the United States and the world. The SCPC achieves its goals through a variety of methods:

  • Sponsors participate in determining the analysis agenda through semi-annual board meetings and periodic teleconferences to ensure that the analysis is prescient and valuable.
  • RAND hosts events with the public and private sectors to elucidate critical issues and to disseminate results to the appropriate decisionmakers.
  • Sponsors engage in high-level interaction with leaders at complementary firms and government organizations around issues of mutual interest.
  • For issues related to the U.S., RAND helps shape policy by disseminating results broadly to leaders on Capitol Hill and Executive Branch agencies, and at the regional, state and local levels, to inform decisionmaking about supply chain policy, infrastructure planning, operations, and security.
  • Through the Pardee RAND Graduate School, the SCPC trains the next generation of professionals to carry forth the analysis to the public and private sectors.