Supply Chain Policy Center Research Agenda

What is the agenda of the Center?

The Center focuses on five areas of inquiry:

  1. Analyzing economic effects of supply chain disruptions and shifting trade patterns
  2. Quantifying supply chain performance, risks, and constraints
  3. Formulating and evaluating current and potential policy measures affecting the supply chain
  4. Assessing technology opportunities and requirements
  5. Environmental, economic, and social impacts of supply chain policy and management

How does the SCPC decide on what specific challenges to address?

The Executive Committee of sponsors directs the Center's agenda, focusing on private sector concerns of performance and profitability; the diversity of the executive committee guarantees comprehensive treatment of dependencies among sectors. The Executive Committee selects the challenges that the Center will address in the coming year. By working with members, RAND prepares several proposals for analysis in the principal areas of inquiry. These proposals include a description of the challenge, the methodology to be employed to perform the analysis and solve the problem, and a specific plan for review and dissemination to guarantee that the analysis reaches the broadest possible audience. The agenda and activities of the center will be further directed to address new legislative and policy issues that are identified during bi-monthly conference calls with Center sponsors.