Supply Chain Policy Center Membership

Executive Council

Sponsors participate actively in the work of the Supply Chain Policy Center, advancing RAND's capacity to carry out research. A contribution of $50,000 per year for three years allows a sponsor to join the Center's Executive Council. Members contribute their substantive knowledge of the topic area; suggest specific projects to be carried out by the Center; recommend project priorities; and identify other potential members that can contribute to the establishment and execution of the Center's agenda. Executive Council members enjoy exclusive intellectual interactions with leading experts in private meetings exploring critical policy areas.

The benefits of participation for sponsors of the Center include the following:

  • Improved national and international supply chain effectiveness engendered through objective analysis
  • The opportunity to help prioritize future projects
  • Early and privileged access to analysis results and recommendations
  • Focused, high-level interaction with professionals at complementary firms
  • Access to the rich expertise and experience of RAND's experts and to interim research results on a wide range of critical global issues
  • Recognition as a key player in advancing overall supply chain effectiveness
  • Executive Council recognition at Center events, in reports, and in Center information
  • Opportunities to propose research topics
  • Affiliation with RAND, which for 60 years has helped shape sound public policy by staying ahead of the curve.

In addition, Executive-level participants contribute to the Center's research agenda by taking part in Council meetings with RAND leaders. Executive members also have an opportunity to bring their associates to RAND for customized events pertaining to their company's business interests.