RAND and SCRiM Host Workshop on Resilience and Coastal Flood Risk Planning In New Orleans

Jordan Fischbach presents at the SCRiM workshop in New Orleans.

Jordan Fischbach presents at the SCRiM workshop in New Orleans.

Robert Lempert and Jordan Fischbach, along with other experts from RAND and Sustainable Climate Risk Management (SCRiM), led a workshop in New Orleans, LA on May 5, 2016 on the latest climate science findings relevant to resilience and coastal flood risk planning for the City of New Orleans.

RAND and its SCRiM collaborators also conducted a long-term visioning exercise with workshop participants, which included cross-sector resilience planning stakeholders from in and around the New Orleans area. Additionally, workshop leaders engaged with participants for feedback on early versions of a decision support tool that will explore extended horizons for coastal risk management.

The decision support tool is part of a research project being launched, which could help decisionmakers in New Orleans consider how long-term trends will affect the city, leading to insight that could help implement or further evolve current plans, such as the New Orleans’ recent Resilience Strategy and Urban Water Management Plan as well as the State’s 2017 Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast. Specifically, the RAND-SCRiM project will:

  • Consider coastal changes over the 50-100 year time horizon
  • Explore how sea level rise and other uncertainties could affect the city over this longer time horizon
  • Evaluate how societal transformations over the course of the next century could affect future risks
  • Incorporate emerging methodologies on developing adaptive management strategies.