Fischbach and Groves Present Work to Support Louisiana Coastal Planning at 2016 State of the Coast Conference

Fort St. Philip delta, Louisiana

Fort St. Philip delta, Louisiana

Photo by the United States Fish and Wildlife Services / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Jordan Fischbach and David Groves, co-directors of the RAND Water and Climate Resilience Center, presented at the 2016 State of the Coast Conference in New Orleans, LA to share RAND’s recent work to support the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s 2017 Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast.

Fischbach participated in a panel surrounding model projections and analyses being used in the Master Plan’s development. He presented findings from an updated and improved Coastal Louisiana Risk Assessment (CLARA) model used to estimate flood depths, damage, as well as risk reduction project benefits.

Groves participated in a panel on using model outputs to inform the development of the Master Plan. He presented on the decision support work he and his team has been implementing as a result of updating the Planning Tool, which was developed for the 2012 Master Plan.