Related Research

Publications listed below are related to the topic of this project and authored or co-authored by members of the project research team. The list is organized alphabetically and chronologically.

Estimating the Value of Water-Use Efficiency in the Intermountain West – 2008

David G. Groves, James Griffin, Sara Hajiamiri

Evaluating the Benefits and Costs of Increased Water-Use Efficiency in Commercial Buildings – 2007

David G. Groves, Jordan Fischbach, Scot Hickey

Shaping the Future — 2005

Steven W. Popper, Robert J. Lempert and Steven C. Bankes

Solving nonconvex climate control problems: Pitfalls and algorithm performances — 2004

Carmen G. Moles,  Julio R. Banga, and Klaus Keller

Uncertain climate thresholds and economic optimal growth — 2004

K. Keller, B. M. Bolker, and D. F. Bradford

You say probable and I say likely: Improving inter-personal communication with verbal probability phrases — 2004

T.M. Karelitz and D.V. Budescu

Decision making under internal uncertainty: The case of multiple-choice tests with different scoring rules — 2003

Y. Bereby-Meyer, J. Meyer, and D.V. Budescu

Inter-personal communication of precise and imprecise subjective probabilities — 2003

D.V. Budescu and T.M. Karelitz

Predicting the directionality of probability words from their membership functions — 2003

D.V. Budescu, T.M. Karelitz, and T.S. Wallsten

The effects of asymmetry among advisors on the aggregation of their opinions — 2003

D.V. Budescu, A.K. Rantilla, H. Yu, and T.M. Karelitz

Detecting a potential collapse of the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation before a point of no return: Implications for the design of an ocean observation system — 2002

C. Deutsch, M. G. Hall, D. F. Bradford, and K. Keller

Modeling certainty equivalents for imprecise gambles — 2002

D.V. Budescu, K.M. Kuhn, K.M. Kramer, and T. Johnson

Robust Adaptive Planning May Help Policymakers Confront Surprise — 2002

Robert Lempert, Steven Popper, Steven Bankes

Averaging probability judgments: Monte Carlo analyses of asymptotic diagnostic values — 2001

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Beyond Ellsberg's paradox: Modelling the effects of vagueness in risky decisions — 2001

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Possible biological or physical explanations for decadal scale trends in North Pacific nutrient concentrations and oxygen utilization — 2001

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Random error reduction in analytic hierarchies: A comparison of holistic and decompositional decision strategies — 2001

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The same but different: An empirical examination of the reducibility principle — 2001

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What story is told by oceanic tracer concentrations? — 2000

N. Gruber, K. Keller, and R. M. Key