Publications on Alternative and Renewable Energy



  • Costs of Selected Policies to Address Air Pollution in China2015

    Keith Crane, Zhimin Mao

    Air pollution has been one of the most pernicious consequences of China's last three decades of economic transformation and growth. This report estimates the costs of three measures to reduce air pollution in China: replacing coal with natural gas for residential and commercial heating, replacing half of China‘s coal-fired electric power generation with renewables or nuclear power, and scrapping highly polluting vehicles.








  • RAND Forum on Hydrogen Technology and Policy: A Conference Report2005

    Mark A. Bernstein

    Hydrogen as an energy carrier has generated much attention due to its potential large-scale use in producing electrical energy through fuel-cell technologies and in replacing gasoline for use in transportation. On December 9, 2004, the RAND Corporation hosted a forum that drew 40 experts in various fields to discuss what needs to be done to better inform decisionmakers in the public and private sectors of the benefits and risks of various hydrogen-related programs and policies. The document summarizes the proceedings of that forum.


  • Long-Range Energy R&D: A Methodology for Program Development and Evaluation2004

    James T. Bartis

    A process for evaluating technology-development options to meet future energy needs. The process evaluates threats to continued reliance on current energy sources, establishes strategic R&D goals, determines how a technology addresses threats and strategic goals, identifies uncertainties and affordability risks, determines technical problems, and establishes R&D needs and opportunities. A case study of fuel cells and coal gasification for electricity generation illustrates the application and advantages of the approach.