Research Topics

What research topics does CCEG cover?

As suggested by our name, the RAND Center for Corporate Ethics & Governance (CCEG) conducts research projects and path-breaking roundtable events on policy issues related to corporate ethics, governance, and law.

Broadly speaking, the work of the Center tends to fall into one of the four following topic areas:

Systemic Risk and Financial Regulation

Risk in the financial sector has the potential to cascade across institutions, sometimes in unpredictable ways. Recent RAND research has touched on a series of related topics, including fair value accounting, hedge funds, and public pension fund governance and insolvency.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics

Workplace compliance practice, corruption, and culture and ethics present a high-priority set of challenges both for corporate leaders and for public policymakers. RAND's work in this area has touched on the relationship between effective compliance and organizational culture; on corporate whistleblowing in the wake of Dodd-Frank; and C-suite level compliance risk. RAND has also done work on anti-corruption risk assessment, and on the interface between policy and corporate practice in the context of high-risk operations overseas.

Organizational Governance

An important and recurring strand of RAND research has focused on the control structure of organizations. Some of our work focuses on the influence of regulation on governance, and some focuses on the relationship between governance and organizational performance.

Program Evaluation

RAND excels at evaluating the performance of organizations and programs that operate in diverse settings. RAND analysis helps to identify opportunities for improvement and contributes to strategic planning among organizational leaders and insight among outside stakeholders.