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Latest Reports

  • Estimating the Global Cost of Cyber Risk: Methodology and Examples January 15, 2018

    This report shares a transparent and adaptable methodology for estimating present and future global costs of cyber risk that acknowledges the considerable uncertainty in the frequencies and costs of cyber incidents. The report has a companion Excel-based modeling and simulation platform that allows users to alter assumptions and investigate a wide variety of research questions.

  • Law Enforcement Cyber Center: Final Technical Report January 15, 2018

    Cybercrime is a challenge for local and state law enforcement. The Law Enforcement Cyber Center (LECC) was established by the Bureau of Justice Assistance as a resource in combatting cybercrime. This report summarizes the LECC's activities, which aimed to raise the awareness and enhance the education and capacity of criminal justice and public safety agencies with regard to cybercrime.

  • Understanding the Economic Benefit Associated with Research and Services at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: An Approach and Three Case Studies January 2, 2018

    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) asked the RAND Corporation to develop an approach, reported here, for estimating the economic benefit of NIOSH research, using three case studies. The cases provide concrete illustrations of the ways in which NIOSH research could affect worker health and safety practices and outcomes, as well as some initial estimates of the economic benefit associated with those impacts.

  • Physician Reporting Requirements for Injured Workers in California: A Review of Reporting Processes and Payment Policies December 19, 2017

    This report assesses California workers' compensation–required reports — including the structure and content, level of effort, and allowances — and compares the elements and processes with other systems to inform potential improvements and further refinements to California's reporting requirements and policies. The report should be of general interest to stakeholders in California's workers' compensation (WC) system and in other WC programs.

  • International Commercial Drone Regulation and Drone Delivery Services December 5, 2017

    As unmanned aerial vehicles rapidly evolve, regulators around the world are scrambling to keep up with new uses, capabilities, and technology. The United States has found itself scrambling to satisfy the regulatory relaxation requested by commercial drone companies. The author summarizes the rapidly changing body of commercial drone regulations worldwide and highlights the primary obstacles to delivery drone use in each country.