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Latest Reports

  • The Appalachia Partnership Initiative's Investments in Education, Workforce Development, and the Community: Analysis of the First Stage, 2014–2016October 12, 2017

    This report assesses the Appalachia Partnership Initiative's progress toward its vision of fostering a sustainable STEM education and workforce development ecosystem in parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia during the first years of the API: October 2014 through July 2016. Interim assessments will be conducted annually from 2016 to 2019. A final summative evaluation in 2020, will analyze the effect of API efforts through time.

  • The Energy Implications of Drones for Package Delivery: A Geographic Information System ComparisonSeptember 28, 2017

    Delivery drones may become widespread over the next five to ten years, particularly for small, light items. In the future, drones could augment, or even replace, truck fleets and could have important implications for energy consumption, air traffic management, road congestion, urban planning, and consumption patterns in urban areas. In this report, we use a geographic information system analysis to compare truck versus delivery drone energy use.

  • Design Perspectives on Delivery DronesSeptember 28, 2017

    To better understand the short-term technical viability and future prospects of delivery drones, we developed and exercised a delivery drone performance model. The model is sensitive to key vehicle design parameters of delivery drones, such as aerodynamic, structural, and propulsive efficiencies; battery density; and mission and operating assumptions.

  • Injury and Illness Surveillance of U.S. Agricultural Workers: Assessment of Recommendations and ActionsSeptember 25, 2017

    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Program conducts surveillance initiatives to understand the injuries and illnesses among agricultural workers, identify vulnerable groups, and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. This report assesses the feasibility and desirability of carrying out specific actions recommended by an independent panel regarding program relevance and impact.

  • Wanxiang Innovation Energy Fusion City: Recommendations for Developing an Innovation ClusterSeptember 20, 2017

    The Wanxiang Group was awarded a contract by the City of Hangzhou to develop a new industrial park, named the Wanxiang Innovation Energy Fusion City (WIEFC) over the next seven years (2017–2024). In 2016, the Group asked the RAND Corporation to help achieve its vision of developing the WIEFC into an innovative cluster built around smart and green automotive technologies by developing a mission statement and recommending supporting policies.