Full-time Employment Opportunities: Full/Senior Researcher

Full Researcher

Full Researchers are emerging experts in a research area with established credentials in the form of publications. They lead projects and key tasks, managing small teams of researchers and professional support staff. A Full Researcher functions as a fully capable professional, showing good judgment about topics to pursue and whether to proceed independently or seek collaboration or advice. Full Researchers develop new project ideas and market them or assist more senior staff in marketing them to clients. A Full Researcher is responsible for designing, initiating, and conducting key tasks or smaller projects independently. Full Researchers represent RAND positively in contacts with clients and external audiences. A Full Researcher is an effective contributor to research teams and, in a multidisciplinary setting, showing sufficient independent skill and judgment to represent his or her own field's and/or discipline's insights and methods to the team. Full Researchers manage coverage and research commitments effectively, and takes the initiative in seeking opportunities to help advance his/her career development. Full Researchers must contribute to the larger RAND community and supports business strategies and plans.

Full Researcher Requirements

  • Meets the minimum requirements for an Associate-level Researcher, plus 3–8 additional years of research experience

Senior Researcher

Senior Researchers serve as an intellectual leaders and effective marketing organizers and managers of research. Senior Researchers provide analysis and propose solutions to complex problems in their field(s) of specialization, with ability to perform in any phase of a project from design to implementation. Senior Researchers have extensive knowledge of concepts, principles and methodologies in one or more fields of specialization, and have established external peer recognition for expertise/professional stature in such field(s). Senior Researchers have an established track record of research accomplishments across a range of policy studies, and demonstrated leadership capability, with external visibility and evidence of policy influence as well as internal recognition for those accomplishments. Senior Researchers negotiate project issues with internal or external clients. Senior Researchers prepare project reports and lead complex team efforts and takes the lead in developing RAND's research and analysis agenda. Senior Researchers accept the responsibility for developing junior staff, enhancing RAND's intellectual community, and supporting its business initiatives.

Senior Researcher Requirements

  • Nationally recognized experts in a field with demonstrated project management experience
  • Leads complex projects, managing teams of researchers on research having significant national visibility
  • Meets minimum job qualifications for Associate level and typically has eight or more additional years of research experience, including two years at the Full level.

Equal Opportunity Employer: race/color/religion/sex/sexual orientation/gender identity/national origin/disability/vet